The oral cavity is constantly moistened with saliva. When a person is healthy, the saliva has no distinctive taste and smell, but in the case of diseases of the teeth or surrounding tissues may appear unpleasant smell and taste in the oral cavity. If after hygienic procedures unpleasant symptoms do not disappear, perhaps the presence of caries, stomatitis, periodontitis or infection of the gums. Also unpleasant smell and taste in the mouth often occurs as a consequence of chronic diseases of the throat (laryngitis or pharyngitis) or nose (rhinitis, sinusitis) with the presence of discharge of purulent character. In such cases, after conducting the oral cavity sanation and treatment of discovered pathologies unpleasant symptoms disappear and more did not bother.
If a bad taste in my mouth bothers a long time, possible can cause the following diseases: changes the acidity in the oral cavity or the esophagus, the fluid deficit in the body, poisoning, intake of any drugs, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus, or human nutrition.
In the case of compulsive bitter taste on the tongue the problem of the occurrence of such a symptom may be a violation associated with the outflow of bile. In a healthy organism, it must without reserve be displayed through the intestines and in case of blockage of the bile ducts it is thrown into the stomach, and then into the esophagus. As a result, the stagnation of bile causes of bitterness in the mouth, especially noticeable in the mornings after waking up.
The unpleasant salty taste in mouth may occur in fluid retention or long-term dehydration. This factor provokes the appearance of the corresponding salty taste in the mouth. It must be remembered that the fluid deficit is fraught with very dangerous consequences, for example, oxygen starvation of cells and disorders in the reproductive system, kidneys and bladder.
When in the mouth there is an unpleasant sour taste the most common causes of this symptom are: oxidation of metal crowns on teeth, side effects of any medications, stomach ulcer or gastritis. It can also be associated with impaired level of acidity (increase the concentration of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice).