General information

In the sanatorium refer patients 3-6 months after treatment if there are no signs of the disease returning, and completed a full examination from your doctor. Treatment in the sanatoriums, where the climatic zone is the same where a cancer patient. Mostly in a sanatorium refer patients, undergone radical therapy against tumors of the gastrointestinal system — cancer of the stomach and colon.

The resorts are taking in the direction of a doctor, but for being, nutrition and treatment take the full payment, because the cancers are not included in the list of free profiles. Also, many patients with cancer are not the subject of sanatorium treatment. All details should be discussed with your doctor. For example, for most cancer patients the sanatorium may even be contraindicated, as increasing immunity and taking treatment at the same time, the patient feeds the tumor and provides further development of cancer.

The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of cancer

Spa treatment for patients with cancer offers a balneoclimatic resort "Vasilevsky". It is located in the Republic of Tatarstan, Zelenodolsky district, Vasilevo. Phone for inquiries — 8 (84371) 6 20 10 official website You can get on the train from Kazan train station Vasilevo on route 158 route Kazan-Vasilevo or from Teledysk also by train and by bus No. 402. Head physician of the sanatorium Robert Mullabaeva invited to many seminars and medical institutions that he introduced and shared many years experience of using Spa treatment for the rehabilitation of cancer patients.

Their services for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients provides the sanatorium "Nadezhda" is located in Tolyatti, in a green area on the shore of the Zhiguli sea. One of the profiles of the health resort is Oncology. It is equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment from Japan and the United States. The official website of "Hope" There you can place an order to familiarize yourself with the resort and see photos. You can call on the answering machine sanatorium 8 (8482) 956 306 to inquire on services resorts.

In neighbouring Belarus there is a sanatorium Gorodishhe", located on the shore of a lake in a forest 15 km from Minsk. The clinic is a Republican scientific-practical center of medical examination and rehabilitation. Many patients from all over Belarus and Russia are effectively receive treatment in their profile. Phone admissions +375 17 507 10 38.

Other motels offer only Wellness and treatments for General maintenance of the whole organism.