Tibetan monasteries are not just interesting tourist sites. These are active temples of Buddhism. Tibetans believe that life on earth came from Tibet. And that Tibet is a passage in the famous Shambhala, the place where it all began, a place that brings happiness and power.
In Tibet many monasteries. The main Tibetan monasteries built in Lhasa or nearby. For tourists are open monasteries Ganden, Drepung, Drikung til, Tsurphu, Drak Yerpa, Sera, samye, Tashilhunpo, Pelkhor chod festival. They all have their traditions, each of them is characterized by its architecture.
There are monasteries with a positive geomagnetic energy that positively affects the health and spirit of people. The nature of Tibet is amazing and beautiful. Mountains and lakes with salt and fresh water are healing for many visitors to Tibet.
To get to the Tibetan monastery you can tour. First you'll fly by plane to Kathmandu, and then will travel by jeep or bus. However, when you visit Tibet, you must consider that he is at a great height above sea level (about 3.5 thousand m) and the oxygen level here is less than half.
However, there are many people who dream to study in Tibetan monasteries. In this case, to get to the Tibetan monastery by invitation of the Dalai Lama, passed a difficult exam. But preaching Buddhism novices is not stopping. And they are willing to wait for months for their turn, while in the monastery is not a place becomes free.
Training in Tibetan monasteries are children under the age of 8 years. Monastic education is considered the highest. Monasteries usually have a rich library and experienced Tutors. The Tibetan monks life is harsh and complex, it's filled with work and study. The monks believe that by improving themselves, they will be able to help a lot of people on earth.
To become a monk in one of the Tibetan monasteries difficult and expensive. First, you have to find the money to live on for 5 years of training in the monastery. In Buryatia and Tuva give the money to the relatives of the future monks as obedience and training in Tibetan monasteries are considered honorable and noble cause. Everyone else will have to learn and live in a monastery at his own expense.
Ignorant of the Mongolian language or "Nepali" need to be trained in school - sedro and stay there for a year or two. Russian men have the opportunity to get to the monasteries, where there are Russian communities: Goman or Namgyel.
After training in sedre have to go to the students to the Tibetan lamas in monasteries. For this you need to avoid as many monasteries to learn about the availability and willingness of teachers to teach white Russian. However, there are such monks in Tibet.
Before you go to the monastery for training, you must know that the life of a Tibetan monk rather poor and heavy. Monks are not allowed to have personal possessions, only a few sets of clothes and necessary books. The monks daily routine includes long hours of prayers, hard work for the service of the monastery, and constant learning and improving. No entertainment in the monasteries is not allowed. Your training will be monitored by the individual teacher. The order of the day in every monastery its. However, the monks rise with the first rays of the sun go to sleep after midnight. Monastic food is simple and modest. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are accompanied by the obligatory rites and prayers.