Far from the Spa destinations for rest and treatment agencies offer Spa resorts of the foothills of the Caucasus, such as Yessentuki, Mineral waters. Mineral treatment is conducted in the Carpathians (Goes), the Czech Republic (Karlovy vary), France (Vichy). Great mud treatment in sanatoriums of the Dead sea.
Sanatoriums with thermal (hot) springs, with numerous Spa procedures are in Hungary, Slovakia, Jordan, and Turkey. Fans of holistic Spa treatments, you should visit the resorts of such treatment in Egypt, Thailand, on the Dead sea.
The mountain-climatic health resorts of Europe, such as Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and restore the condition of patients with pulmonary, cardiovascular, nervous diseases. Travelers with lung disease, be sure to visit salt spas, which are located in Poland. Near the resorts are located salt caves.
Crimean sanatoriums spetsializiruyutsya mainly in the mud, taking sea baths. Visit their patients with diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the heart, blood vessels, spine, joints. Pay attention to such well-known Crimean sanatoriums as foros, black sea, Saksky, South coast.
Russia is a huge number of resorts recommended for treatment and rest at the most various diseases of the body. The resorts of Sochi and Anapa treat diseases of the circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, neurological, skin, gynecological.
Russian sanatorium Staraya Russa in the Novgorod region specializiruetsya on the treatment of mineral waters and taking baths with them. The resort of Sestroretsk, in the Leningrad region with the help of therapeutic mud and sea air support as the elderly and very weak transferred illnesses.
Anemia with the help of mineral water with a high content of iron treated in the Marcial Waters in Karelia. Also shown is a direction to relax patients with nervous diseases and problems with the musculoskeletal system.
In the Republic of Bashkortostan is the only place in Russia where the thermal gas blasts out of the ground. Experts are engaged in treatment musculoskeletal apparatus, nervous and urological diseases.