Today in Moscow there are 7 hospices, one for each district of the capital. Thus by world standards, designed by the world health organization (who), one hospice have to serve about 400,000 people. Simple calculations show that hospices in Moscow is sorely lacking.

Hospices in Moscow

Hospice usually includes several services:
- patient Department;
Department of social work with patients;
- outpatient service (or so-called field service);
- other support services.

To give a sick relative in hospice does not mean to abandon it. Here perhaps - the presence of loved ones around sick. Hospice just significantly ease the physical suffering of the doomed patient.
The assistance provided in these medical institutions of Moscow, usually in reference to various legal issues (e.g., problems with inheritance, etc.), social and psychological problems. And work not only with patients but with their relatives. On the basis of the hospice is carried out training of volunteers to care for seriously ill patients.

Despite the fact that hospice is, in fact, not a medical institution, take here the doctors of the highest category, professionals with a capital letter. They usually have a wealth of experience with patients with cancer and know how the disease and aware of what stage of the disease are their patients, and the maximum contribute to a more comfortable (if such a concept can be applicable in this case) their stay in hospital.
Plus hospice is that the patient is in peri-domestic atmosphere and not in a hospital. Indeed, in most cases, patients end their lives in intensive care wards of a General hospital.

Hospices are divided into age categories - adult (admission from 18 years) and children. The only requirement is to show to coming to hospice patients, is the availability check in the area of hospice. Direction in the medical center to receive the relatives of the patient either with a GP or with the specialist hospice. The period of stay of patient in hospice, is not limited. Doctors say that there are rare exceptions when the person recovers and leaves the hospital in order to start a new life. But, unfortunately, it happens very rarely, because stage 4 cancer is almost the final diagnosis.

Jobs in hospices a lot. But in most cases is free positions for volunteers who are able to help the sick for free.

Pay the hospice in Moscow

Hospice is a free medical facility. But, of course, due to the fact that the financing comes from the budget, it is far from great, comfort level is not the highest. Therefore, in the capital there are also private hospices, in which the same services are provided for money.

The main difference between commercial centers in the fact that in them the level of comfort much higher than in public institutions. The rooms have everything necessary for living: TV, good quality beds, redesigned bathrooms, etc. Also pay the hospice usually has its own kitchen, which is very close to the restaurant, i.e. the food is much better and tastier and is prepared for the patient, taking into account his preferences.

As for prices, the management of such hospice claims that they are loyal enough and perfectly match the terms of price and quality. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in this type of hospice stay of a patient depends on how long they pay. As soon as the payments cease to act, the person sent home.