Pain in patients with cancer

The pain can occur as a result of the disease itself, and because of the treatment process. Gradation of pain depends on several factors.

First, the pain threshold of the patient. The higher it is, the weaker the pain. The person suffering from cancer may feel uncomfortable, fatigue. But don't feel much pain due to the fact that the pain threshold is high.

Secondly, the pain depend on the stage of the cancer. Especially painful stage 4, which is not treatable. Then the patient is just trying to stop the pain, that is the maximum to remove it.

Third, the pain depends on the location of the tumor and location of metastases developing. If the tumor is located close to nerve endings, she begins to squeeze them, in consequence of his nervous system corresponds to a standard reaction - pain. Common this symptom in patients with colon cancer. Pain arises as a result of the obstruction.

Also on pain is influenced by age, gender, stress, previous disease.

The pain may be acute or chronic. Also there are cases of occurrence of phantom pain in people who had recovered from cancer.

Treatment involves two types of treatment: medicinal and non-medicinal.

Medicines for pain relief

From the look of pain depends on the treatment. If the pain is chronic, then the patient will be discharged first, the weak non-narcotic painkillers. But if this does not help, connect and narcotic drugs.

If the pain is acute, relief is in an "aggressive" form, starting from the more strong and ending weak drugs.

The first group of analgesics - non-narcotic drugs. These include: aspirin, ibuprofen, Nurofen, paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. As a rule, on most pain meds do not need a doctor's prescription. But before taking you should consult a specialist.

The second group of drugs. Morphine, codeine, percocet, tylox and others. This is a stronger medicines. You can get them for free if there's a recipe.

How to write a prescription for painkillers

To receive a prescription, the patient must initially pass the Oncology center to confirm the disease. Next, the doctor prescribes medicines that help to stop pain. It should immediately be stipulated that the appointment of drugs made only 4 patients with end-stage cancer. Such patients can not be cured, they are sent home with a diagnosis. And get a prescription they can at the local therapist. Most of these patients are already lying, so the therapist comes to the house and there is already prescribes medicines. Cancer patients can contact the therapist out of the lineup.

Then either the patient himself or his relatives attend a specialized pharmacy. For pain need to submit the following documents:
- Doctor's prescription;
- Passport of the patient;
- A document confirming the kinship (if the drugs comes relative).

Narcotic drugs are subject to strict accounting. For a start, checks the family on welfare. According to the results determine how often you can give drugs: for long term or fractional. The recipient of the drugs writes a receipt. Also a necessary condition for the occupancy form on the injections. After all the shots are made, the recipient of drugs should bring the empty vials that the medical staff counts.