Why is the intimate area to grow hair

The hair on intimate areas begin to increase in adolescence in the period of sexual development. This is typical of both girls and boys. First, there are a few thin hairs that, over time, become thicker and thicker.

Why you need hair in the intimate area? Nature as it was intended that the hair is to help people to protect private parts from exposure to cold and temperature changes. Simply put, they act as regulators. In addition, the pubic hair, like eyebrows, eyelashes, prevent the penetration of the delicate intimate area dust, small dirt particles. And finally, they protect from rubbing intimate parts while walking. The density of hair in intimate places depends on heredity, nationality and level of hormones in the blood. It happened in primitive times, but in the modern world for these purposes, there is clothing and the majority of people seek to get rid of the thick vegetation in intimate places.

Ways of dealing with hair

Currently there are 2 methods of removing unwanted hair: hair removal and waxing. When hair is removed only the upper, visible part of the hair. When epilating, the hair comes along with hair follicles.

Waxing is more suitable for thick hair. The easiest method of hair removal is shaving. You only need to use a sharp razor and do not forget to moisturize the skin to avoid irritation. The disadvantage of shaving is very fast the growth of hair and increase their rigidity.
You can also remove the hair trimmer and cut them with scissors.

Another method of hair removal is depilatory cream. It must be applied evenly on hair, to withstand some time on the instructions and to remove the special spatula.

When epilation of hair can be removed for a longer time, they grow so thick and hard. The disadvantage is the need to grow a certain length of hair.

The most common method of hair removal special beauty products: wax, resin, sugar. The heated medium is distributed in a small area of hair and sharp movement off together with the hairs captured.
Such method of hair removal you can do at home, but it is better to use the services of the salon.

You can remove hair with an electrical device – epilator. The principle of operation as with dozens of tweezers. The epilator is able to remove and relatively short hairs.

To permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation resort to salon treatments, such as photoepilation, laser epilation, bioepilation. Enough to be no more than 10 sessions for the final getting rid of hairs. The problem and drawback of these procedures is their too high cost.