Advice 1: Do the bikini wax men

It's hard to imagine someone who would not care about their hygiene, and it is not only about water treatments because the care of the body must include, and more. Some men are so careful of myself that make even the wax of the intimate area.
Do the bikini wax men

Intimate waxing for men: to be or not to be?

The lack of body hair is one of the main elements of hygiene. Without them, the body is easier to keep clean. However, modern men often carry out the hair removal (including sensitive bikini area) not only for reasons of hygiene, but also aesthetics.

For many men treatment of hair removal in the intimate area is malokomfortnoy. By nature they have a lower pain threshold and they are not yet accustomed to such procedures on a regular basis, you feel much more discomfort than women. However, after trying to epilate delicate areas of the body located below the belt, just once, some representatives of the stronger sex can not refuse to execute this procedure. First, in the summer atilirovanie skin between your legs sweat less that has a very big advantage, especially for those men who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. And secondly, tender bare areas of intimate areas offer additional opportunities for sex and foreplay.
Girls are more likely to touch them and ready for more experiments.

The only thing that scares men is the pain, the possibility of injury and post-hair removal irritation, which makes us constantly to keep their hands "out there." To make everything neat and painless, you can use the wizard in the professional salon. But in a certain number of men present embarrassed in front of the salons. Partly this is because the epilation is carried out, as a rule, women. In addition, quite often they are afraid of suddenly not seem too masculine because of my desire to look good in all places. Many conservative men still held steadily to the opinion that rid of unwanted hair on the body or metrosexuals or homosexuals. Therefore, all types of hair removal, men generally prefer a mechanical, which is done with a razor.
It is important for them to go fast, not very painful, and that nobody saw it.

Decorative function of men's hair removal

In recent years, both among women and among men popularized the fashion for intimate haircut and bikini design. The latter succeeded in it even more, because men are eternal children and love entertainment, especially if they relate to sex.

The most popular designs intimate haircuts among men are airplanes, devils, emblems of automotive brands or their own initials.

Advice 2 : Female intimate waxing: opinion of men

Women at all times tried to take care of their appearance. Modern ladies are no exception. And for these actions they are not only for themselves but also to please the men at all or only to a specific person.
Female intimate waxing: opinion of men

The desire to be beautiful

Due to the fact that women's struggle for the attention of the representatives of the stronger sex has existed and will exist, ladies constantly exhausting themselves in gyms, do the operation for breast augmentation, follow very strict diets, dyed hair, and perform many other procedures and not very pleasant.

The same can be said about intimate hair removal, which is in great demand in recent times. Services for the implementation of various "model" haircuts for bikini area give a modern beauty. Shaved, in principle, is not so necessary for women, but they treat this area in order to be even more desirable to their men.

The opinion of men about women's intimate hair removal

Performing such a procedure as intimate hair removal, women sometimes are not even aware about what you really think on the subject the representatives of the stronger sex.

Sociologists in different countries around the world conducted a survey and came to the conclusion that men don't have no common opinion about the bill. Some guys admire those girls who look perfect in clothes, and without it. They like and a Brazilian wax and a complete lack of hair in the bikini area at all.

Other men do not like women who in the intimate area completely lacking vegetation. These ladies remind men girls from kindergarten. This group of men prefer to see the natural triangle of hair that do not have to go for the bikini area. There are also men who don't care, how to grow hair in the intimate area of the woman.

At the same time, sociologists noticed that the majority of men believes that a shaved woman is only required if the vegetation growing in those areas where it should not be in principle. However, experts notice that the hair here a little than will help. If the female body abundantly grow hair to begin to address to the endocrinologist. The majority of men like a triangle clearly visible short hair.

In turn, physicians also expressed their views about intimate hair removal. They believe that this procedure reduces sensitivity in the intimate area. If the first signs of frigidity, it may be necessary to stop the procedure of hair removal in this part of the body.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that some types of hair removal cause the delicate skin appear ingrown hairs, red bumps and pustules that look absolutely not sexy.
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