You will need
  • A good razor
  • - Warm water
  • - Shaving product
  • - Aftershave
You can, of course, not to shave at all. As they say, no shave, no problem. But for the majority of the fair half is not an option. So they continue to shave and to avoid irritation it helps to observe several simple rules.
It is very important to prepare the skin for shaving. While you take a shower or bath, your skin softens, becomes more elastic, so shaving it is better to make it after the ablutions of the whole body.
You can, of course, as a shaving product can use ordinary soap or shower gel, but it is better to use a special cream or foam intended for use in the intimate area. Part of these funds usually includes mitigating drugs, calms the skin and counteracts the appearance of irritations.
Choose a good razor. Not necessarily to buy women's razors, but Chinese blade market also use is not worth it. When choosing a machine, pay attention not to "floating heads" or the number of blades, and on its quality and sharpness. Disposable machines can be used 2-3 times, they very quickly become dull and hurt delicate skin.
Apply foam or gel to vybavenou area. Start to shave during the hair, gently holding the skin with your hand. When vybavenim place will remain only a short 2-3 mm of the hair, the razor can be turned against their growth and make a couple of movements. After each movement of the blade of the machine must be flushed with water to avoid clogging.
When finished shaving, rinse in the shower, Pat the body with a towel. Apply to freshly shaven area lotion or cream after shaving. This will help you in case you inadvertently damaged skin. Damage can be so microscopic that you won't even suspect about them and notice when irritation occurs. Therefore it is better not to tempt fate. Prevention is the best way of avoiding problems.
The more you shave the bikini area, the faster she will get used to this procedure, and the lower the risk of irritation. If, in spite of that, the irritation occurs again and again, try a different form of hair removal and hair cut. After cutting irritation definitely does not happen. Even in the bikini area.