The concept of intimate hair removal has come to the West from the East. Of course, because there the climate is hot and it stimulates to remove the hair even in the groin.

SNiP and you're done!

The fastest hair removal in the intimate area at home is accomplished using a shaver. This method is good for its accessibility and simplicity.

In addition, shaving of hair around the anus is convenient to carry out personally, for example, in front of the mirror. Although it is possible to prilovchitsya and shave to the touch.

However, the intimate hair removal using a machine gives short-term result. In addition, the hair after shaving are becoming more stringent. And the skin can react negatively with rashes and itching.

Cream effect

Everyone who is interested, than to remove the hair on the priest, we can recommend a depilatory cream. The so-called chemical epilation removes vegetation quickly and painlessly.

Such lotions can be used without special skills. Besides the effect from the creams-depilatories longer term than from the machine.

The disadvantages of this method include the risk of allergic reactions, as well as its inefficiency for coarse hair.

Caramel therapy

Instead of waxing – hair removal with hot wax – sugaring came. The procedure involves removing hair using a sugar paste.

Hair removal in the intimate area at home with the help of a shugaring has a number of advantages. First, it is less painful compared to waxing. Second, it gives really long-term effect. Third, after shugaring hair become more thin and weak, which facilitates their subsequent removal.

The obstacle to sugaring can be a low threshold for pain and damage on the skin. Besides, not everyone succeeds in the first time to cook a mass of the desired consistency.

Salon treatments

For those who have vegetation near the anus is too abundant, there is an intimate hair removal salon. Popular clients uses IPL and laser. These procedures allow you to remove hair if not forever, then for a few months, and even years.

Epilation is very popular due to its effectiveness and painlessness. Although the service is not cheap, in its favor, says the fact that after 5 sessions, you can get rid of all unwanted hair.

Laser destroys the hair follicles that leads to hair loss and a significant slowdown in their growth. However, the procedure is only effective on dark vegetation rather than a light fuzz.