Shave the hair in the bikini area is undesirable as there is a risk of irritation, which is not as long as they will not appear there again. But if you decide on it is the removal of hair, it is possible to reduce unpleasant consequences. Treat your skin with scrubs, then apply shaving foam and wait a few minutes. Gently shave the hair and wash the skin under warm water. Apply a moisturizing cream. If you often irritation occurs, first clean the skin alcohol lotion.
Try to remove hair at bikini line wax strips. When you purchase select strips for sensitive skin. Firmly attach the strip carefully iron it by hand. Now, watch out - it will hurt a little. Sharply tear the strip against the hair growth. If vegetation was removed not all, visivite her tweezers. Wipe the skin with lotion and apply cream. A second procedure you will need to spend not earlier than in 1-2 weeks.
Depilatory cream can also be used in such a delicate place. But be careful - make sure he does not hit on the mucous membrane of the genitals, or start a strong burning sensation. The passage of time (it is specified on package) rinse well with water.
Using the epilator is can also be get rid of hair. Use it as needed, then re-apply the cream on the skin. But the only good epilator removes shortest hairs, so try to remove them before they grew more than 3-5 mm.
If you are tired of constantly remove hair at the bikini line, then see in any beauty parlor. The specialist will select the option to remove unwanted hair permanently. The cost of the procedure is high, but it's worth it. After that, the vegetation will no longer bother you.