You will need
  • - Computer with Windows operating system;
  • software Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0.
Download online Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0, it is shareware, with a limited validity period. Officially to purchase this program for just$ 30. This software will allow you to realize three-dimensional visualization of the project of your building, Orient it to the cardinal, so you can see how it will be accommodated on the site.
For its size you can draw the design using the tools available in the program. Select a unit of measurement, specify the scale at which to display the project. Clicking on the buttons: Wall, Window, Door, etc., draw the walls, Windows, doors and other facade elements of your future home. To do this, use the libraries, which present a wide variety of designs and textures. Each element can be viewed in the 3D viewer to have a clear view of its constructive features.
In that case, when you want to make a project of a building of two or more floors, use a special function that allows you to move the floors, walls and ceilings from the first floor to the other. When you transfer specify the height of each successive floor.
With ready-made libraries draw a roof. If the ready made options don't suit you, you can design it yourself. The program will automatically calculate its parameters: length, area.
If you have a plan for your property, oriented to the light, move its boundaries to the project using the inventory data that are on the plan. The projected building will place in the border area. Using the simulated global lighting plan, which will include lawns, recreation areas, pavilions and so on, taking into account the shadow cast by this building during daylight hours.
With the help of software product Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0 you can also plan the interior spaces and their design. Available libraries allow you to place the internal situation, the most realistic show texture floor and wall coverings. Many pieces of furniture that you will find in the library are exact replicas of those models, which offer buyers the well-known furniture brands, so your visual project to be as realistic as possible.