You will need
  • a computer program for drafting
Before you begin to design the home plan of the site, which will be building. This is necessary so you can see the full picture of the location of the house and other buildings on the site, as well as for the development of landscape design.
Consider a few important points, which will depend on the entire structure of your home: how many people will live in the house, what the age of the future tenants, will there be frequent visits of the guests in the long term. This information will depend on the number of rooms in the house and their location on the floors. For example, if the house is to be inhabited by elderly people, their room is better positioned on the ground floor.
Place the living room so that they got as much light as possible, preferably in the South, in the South-East. But the place for the kitchen, bathroom, storage can be isolated Northern part of the house.
Make a plan for each room. Before the start of construction you will have the opportunity to arrange the furniture in each room, to see what exactly and in what proportions you'll need to create the final interior.
Draw separately the facade of each part of the house. So you will see your home in miniature and you can choose the finishing material for the facade.
Already having a more detailed picture of your home, you will be able much easier to make drawings of the future building. Install it on your computer program for the compilation of architectural drawings and proceed to the final design phase – preparation of the working draft.
Transfer all your ideas from sketches into a computer program. Here you can look at your house from above and make changes where you see they need. After approval of its project in specialized instances it will be possible to start the construction of your home.