Initially, decide on the size, no matter what you are building you are going to draw (existing or projected). In order to obtain a high-quality plan, simply take your measuring tape and as accurately as possible make the measurements. If you draw the design of the building include more fantasy.
To start with you need to draw axes passing in the middle of the main bearing and main walls. If you need to make a plan of a small building of rectangular shape, the guide axis at the center of the exterior walls.
Label the vertical axis with letters of the Russian alphabet, and the horizontal numbers. Guide walls along the intended axes. Then show inside of the building internal walls and partitions. In place of the walls, draw Windows and doors (include direction of their opening). All partitions need to show stroke.
Show location of devices and equipment in accordance with their functional purpose (e.g., toilet and tub in the bathroom). Install the explication of the room (a circle with a number inside). Enter in the table the layout of the rooms that match the room. Indicate on the plan stairwells, ventilation ducts, floor level, number of Windows and doors.
After you have drawn your plan, select size. Must specify overall dimensions of the building. You also need to show the bound of every partition, doors and Windows. Take plan scale 1:100, i.e. 1 meter in reality is 10 mm in the drawing. If this scale is not suitable in connection with the dimensions of the building, you can take the scale of 1:50 or 1:200. Sign the finished plan (the"Plan of 1st floor"). Make the explication of the premises that represents a table of 3 columns (1 - explication room, 2 - the name of a room, 3 – floor space). All of this put on the sheet frame and stamp.