The main thing – idea.
First and foremost independent designprojecte of the apartment is a good idea. In this regard, you can be very original, and very modest. In General, the possible options are many. However, for beginners still will be perfect "deploy" all their imagination in a certain stylistic direction that has long defined the canons and boundaries. So you will not get trapped.
Accuracy is all that matters.
Once you have clearly thought through the designprojectand the apartment, as well acquainted with all the subtleties of the chosen style, is to move to a practical projectto iravani. However, before doing this it is important to know all dimensions of his apartment. Ideally, if you can find terms of housing. Even better, if personally recheck all of its data with a tape.
Plan <b>draft</b>
– It is indispensable.
Practical projectrovanie be easier and faster if you will use a special simple programs. These could be considered the 3D Floor and Arcon. By using these programs to do all the working documentation and to draw sketches to be easy. Next you will need to transfer the sketches into the drawings in the selected program. This can be done by yourself (after examining with detailed instructions) or to entrust this part to professionals.