Advice 1: How to make a design project of the apartment itself

Many people who are on a budget, want to save money or just try your hand at the design, decide to make a designproject of the apartment on their own. In fact, much difficulty in this. The main thing that there is to know is the basics of this creative process.
How to make a design project of the apartment itself
The main thing – idea.
First and foremost independent designprojecte of the apartment is a good idea. In this regard, you can be very original, and very modest. In General, the possible options are many. However, for beginners still will be perfect "deploy" all their imagination in a certain stylistic direction that has long defined the canons and boundaries. So you will not get trapped.
Accuracy is all that matters.
Once you have clearly thought through the designprojectand the apartment, as well acquainted with all the subtleties of the chosen style, is to move to a practical projectto iravani. However, before doing this it is important to know all dimensions of his apartment. Ideally, if you can find terms of housing. Even better, if personally recheck all of its data with a tape.
Plan <b>draft</b>
– It is indispensable.
Practical projectrovanie be easier and faster if you will use a special simple programs. These could be considered the 3D Floor and Arcon. By using these programs to do all the working documentation and to draw sketches to be easy. Next you will need to transfer the sketches into the drawings in the selected program. This can be done by yourself (after examining with detailed instructions) or to entrust this part to professionals.
Remember that the interior is very important accessories. It is not necessary to evaluate the final result without them.
Useful advice
1. If you are low on money, allow the specialists to bring your design idea to the project.

2. When planning independent don't forget to double-check all dimensions is very important.

Advice 2 : Ideas for small apartments

The owners of small apartments know firsthand about all the difficulties of the optimum organization of the living space. The separate headache of the owners of such apartments is the placement of all those things which are so difficult to do man: clothes, shoes, books, appliances, cosmetics and many important and useful things. Ten ideas for effective storage of household furnishings and utensils will help to make a small apartment functional and comfortable.
Small apartment

The use of horizontal surfaces

The interior of a small apartment does not allow the congestion of the furniture – massive racks, bulky dressers, large tables are convenient for using and storing different necessary things in the economy, but at the same time they visually and physically "eat" the space and hard to allow you to create a stylish interior.

The use of horizontal surfaces is not limited to tables and table tops coffee, coffee and dining tables. Interior designers, working tirelessly on the creation of stylish decorations small spaces, I suggest not to ignore the... ceiling. Designating part of the ceiling to create small compartments-shelves, you can create eye catching and comfortable area for storing things that are rarely used.

полки на потолке

For those who are not afraid of bold experiments, we propose an original and bold design of the ceiling bright baskets, placed on a roller mechanism similar to that used in the bathrooms for drying clothes. Basket, selected by the color scheme of the design space, create a unique flavor and will add a stylish note to the interior.

корзины под потолком

Additional storage space for Cutlery and various kitchen things can be organized by small alterations of the dining table in the same embodiment, but with a flip-up top. The space underneath is usually enough to accommodate a large box, and lifted the top, equipped with special pockets with buttoned flaps, will help to increase the usable area of the drawer.

Classic kitchen stools ought to be replaced by Ottomans, reclining cover which can be placed inside this piece of furniture many useful and useless things. The same applies to sofas, beds, foot stools – equipment these items roomy drawers will help to efficiently accommodate the huge number of things.

The use of vertical surfaces

To optimize space without compromising design small apartment will help in the first place, racks located in them with beautiful containers to store things. Such containers not only decorate the interior, but also will contribute to the maintenance of order in the house. In addition, such containers can be placed under beds, cabinets and tables, which significantly contributes to space optimization.

If the apartment has a window between the kitchen and the bathroom, you can use this doorway for arranging small Cabinet, allowing you to store rarely used items – the inventory of household chemicals, personal hygiene products, etc.

Seasonal storage of warm blankets, coats, jackets, typically occupying much space, you can turn to his advantage, made them beautiful textile zipper pouches and making these soft overall items in a convenient pillow. Voluminous blankets that are installed on a solid base, make them comfortable armchairs that can be placed on balconies and loggias.

Brilliant idea, borrowed from the rational of the Japanese, based on podiums with internal compartments – this allows not only to zone the space of the apartment, but also contributes to the placement of a huge number of things.

подиум в квартире

Pockets-organizer and cute wall bags, located on the walls, effectively help save storage space and to accommodate the huge number of things normally used in bathrooms and hallways.

For small kitchens salvation are magnetic boards, all kinds of hooks and suspension systems. The same purpose serve and the equipment of the sill top and small drawers.

подвесные системы на кухне

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