There are many ready projects of houses made by the experts keeping in mind all possible requirements. But a good plan is worth good money. If you possess some engineering skills, you can try to make a plan of your house yourself.
Start designing the house with the exploration of the land. This will help you to find accurate data on properties of soils, height of groundwater, which is necessary for the layout of the basement. These works should be carried out in late autumn or early spring, when the groundwater level as high as possible.
Having concluded geotechnical studies, you can plan the possibility of building a basement with a too high groundwater level construction of basement can increase the value of the home by 30 percent or more. It is possible, with sufficient land area instead of a basement it is more expedient to build an additional room.
Rebounding from the type and height of the Foundation, decide on the type of material from which is made the house, and proceed to the house design and drawings. More cost efficient to do a simple project at home. The more curved walls, the more will be the cost of the project. The same applies to the roof. In addition, the complex roof forms of less reliable, because the more bends and joints – the greater the likelihood that over time these areas may be leaked.
For greater energy efficiency plan non-residential premises (kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms) on the North side of the house, and living on the other side. Remember that on future home energy consumption is also influenced by the location and size of Windows, use of thermal insulation materials.
Weigh the pros and cons of independent planning of the house and choose the strength you need to make your home your own, or better to turn to specialized companies.