Advice 1: How to make your home the most

Designing a home is difficult work that requires certain knowledge and skills. Make your home the most you can, but you need to consider many factors – from geological features of the land where the house will be built, to the planning of all communications.
How to make your home the most
There are many ready projects of houses made by the experts keeping in mind all possible requirements. But a good plan is worth good money. If you possess some engineering skills, you can try to make a plan of your house yourself.
Start designing the house with the exploration of the land. This will help you to find accurate data on properties of soils, height of groundwater, which is necessary for the layout of the basement. These works should be carried out in late autumn or early spring, when the groundwater level as high as possible.
Having concluded geotechnical studies, you can plan the possibility of building a basement with a too high groundwater level construction of basement can increase the value of the home by 30 percent or more. It is possible, with sufficient land area instead of a basement it is more expedient to build an additional room.
Rebounding from the type and height of the Foundation, decide on the type of material from which is made the house, and proceed to the house design and drawings. More cost efficient to do a simple project at home. The more curved walls, the more will be the cost of the project. The same applies to the roof. In addition, the complex roof forms of less reliable, because the more bends and joints – the greater the likelihood that over time these areas may be leaked.
For greater energy efficiency plan non-residential premises (kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms) on the North side of the house, and living on the other side. Remember that on future home energy consumption is also influenced by the location and size of Windows, use of thermal insulation materials.
Weigh the pros and cons of independent planning of the house and choose the strength you need to make your home your own, or better to turn to specialized companies.

Advice 2: How to draw a house project on the computer

Today for the construction of individual houses for one family, not exceeding three floors, is not required to order the design from a professional architect and designer with a special permit. But still, the project needed to have an idea of how the building, which is going to build, post it on the site optimally and to calculate the amount of materials needed. Such a project, you can develop yourself using specialized software, for example, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0.
How to draw a house project on the computer
You will need
  • - Computer with Windows operating system;
  • software Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0.
Download online Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0, it is shareware, with a limited validity period. Officially to purchase this program for just$ 30. This software will allow you to realize three-dimensional visualization of the project of your building, Orient it to the cardinal, so you can see how it will be accommodated on the site.
For its size you can draw the design using the tools available in the program. Select a unit of measurement, specify the scale at which to display the project. Clicking on the buttons: Wall, Window, Door, etc., draw the walls, Windows, doors and other facade elements of your future home. To do this, use the libraries, which present a wide variety of designs and textures. Each element can be viewed in the 3D viewer to have a clear view of its constructive features.
In that case, when you want to make a project of a building of two or more floors, use a special function that allows you to move the floors, walls and ceilings from the first floor to the other. When you transfer specify the height of each successive floor.
With ready-made libraries draw a roof. If the ready made options don't suit you, you can design it yourself. The program will automatically calculate its parameters: length, area.
If you have a plan for your property, oriented to the light, move its boundaries to the project using the inventory data that are on the plan. The projected building will place in the border area. Using the simulated global lighting plan, which will include lawns, recreation areas, pavilions and so on, taking into account the shadow cast by this building during daylight hours.
With the help of software product Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0 you can also plan the interior spaces and their design. Available libraries allow you to place the internal situation, the most realistic show texture floor and wall coverings. Many pieces of furniture that you will find in the library are exact replicas of those models, which offer buyers the well-known furniture brands, so your visual project to be as realistic as possible.
Useful advice
A novice user can use step by step wizard create project of a house.

Advice 3: How to make a project from scratch

Of ones own residential home is a dream of many, and it is nice when those dreams begin to come true. When you acquired the land, before inviting the builders must make a project at home. If this is a single-family house, you yourself can design it.
How to make a project from scratch

Planning laws

Prior to 2004, to obtain permission for construction of residential house needed a project done by a professional architect-designer, licensed. With the entry into force of the new town planning code, this requirement was abolished and, if you are planning to build a house for his family is not higher than 3 floors, expensive project certified designers to enjoy not necessarily.

But to build without the project, too, is impossible, because, only having a design solution you will be able to estimate the cost of construction, purchase the required amount of materials and explain to the builders what you want them to do.

Himself a designer

Now when the computer is in almost every home, there is no point to draw the project and floor plans on paper. To make the project from scratch, you can use specialized software to create a three-dimensional model of your future home as close as possible to reality. Modern software designed for non-professional architects, allow to solve professional tasks. With their help, you can not only design an architectural structure, "tying" it to the situation and the terrain, but also to develop the internal layout and design of the premises.

To design the house with the terrain, you'll need a topographic survey of your land scale 1:500 in electronic or raster form. On it you will be able to make a three-dimensional terrain model and selecting the optimal location for a residential building and utility buildings, as well as to design landscape design solutions.

Software for designing houses

The developers offer a wide range of products that will allow you to realize your architectural design ideas. Of course, they vary in price and functionality. For the novice user it is possible to recommend the base version of the package VisiCon, and "Design Studio 3.0 3D Home" and "ArCon Home & Landscape." They have a low price, easy to use, intuitive interface in Russian.

Those users who consider themselves advanced and, in addition, he speaks fluent English and will love having advanced functionality of the software products FloorPlan 3D and Punch Professional Home Design Suite Platinum. The latter is particularly attractive because it allows you to immediately design and engineering services, both internal and external.

Advice 4: Modern designs of wooden houses

Despite the fact that modern technologies develop with huge speed, and there are constantly new materials, demand remains a classic of suburban housing, namely – cottage, built of wood.
Modern designs of wooden houses

The advantages of wooden houses

The tradition of wooden house-building has more than one thousand years. In the period of industrialization and the emergence of concrete and concrete blocks, wood as a material for construction of houses receded into the background. However, not disappeared altogether. This material is often used in the construction of baths and villas. Today the wooden house or, as it is called, a log cabin, is experiencing a rebirth. The reason was the emergence of new methods of construction and technologies of wood processing. Because of this it is now easy to build a solid country house, which will serve you for many years.

Private wooden house is now a fashionable trend, however, it is important to remember practicality, where you have these homes. First of all, such a structure is environmentally friendly, because its construction does not entail the use of heavy construction techniques. In addition, wood is a natural material. In addition, the log cabins have unique thermal insulation properties. Because of this, you can save considerably on space heating. And, of course, a private wooden structure does not require additional finishing. Since the wooden walls look very nice and aesthetically pleasing, making can serve as a wonderful basis for your interior.
To construct such a house is quite difficult and not everyone can afford. This activity requires basic knowledge in the field of construction and some experience.

Modern designs of wooden houses

In fact, modern wooden houses are analogues of the simple Russian hut. But the modern design makes these residential buildings are very original and even astounding. Still, looking at such a scale of magnificence, custom type and complexity of works, it is very difficult not to be surprised.

To date, companies involved in the construction of wooden houses is able to offer its customers a huge variety of options of projects of wooden houses. Depending on the wealth and taste, you can find the ideal plan for the construction of wooden houses: original and interesting.

Among the varieties of wooden houses distinguish two main ones: timber houses and log houses.

Under the structure of the timber professionals recommend doing a continuous footing. The timber can be machined planed, both inside and outside. However, this would entail additional costs. The timber for the walls of such a house can be used in various sizes. It is possible to use round logs or hand-cut. All these nuances are selected individually, depending on personal preferences and desires.

Under the log structure is also commonly used strip foundations. The logs can be further processed by knives or planer. For walls can be used the same materials as for the houses of timber.

All individual questions regarding the project of construction a wooden house, usually solved with designers, engineers and craftsmen of companies specializing in such work. They help their clients choose the most suitable option, will draft and expect the final cost of construction.

All projects are United by the use of the same material - wood. In different sources you can find a lot of information on this feature of wood as environmentally friendly. But not everyone knows that the wooden house allows its owner more and significantly save the budget. Sounds weird, because such buildings are usually attributed to the segment of the most expensive construction. However, it is. Judge for yourself: the house made of logs does not require additional use of facade materials, additional insulation or interior walls. The tree, having high aesthetic qualities, and even great at trapping heat.

Any modern house project wooden structure, one way or another, but continues a long tradition of Russian architecture. It the forest was unchanged, "the centuries-old atmosphere of Russian life". It is the tree of ancestors used in his first construction experience in the pagan time.
As you know, the "white stone" (Moscow) was also 90% filled with wooden houses and farmsteads. However, as all medieval Rus.

And, if you look at modern log frame house, we can see in it some elements reminiscent of the old Russian hut. Horizontally laid logs, United at the corners by cutting, to form a log. Exactly built the hut in Russia. This technology adhere to to this day. However, now these houses that is built, and in those far, up to Petrovsky time, their "cut". In fact, from here originates the traditional Russian name of this structure is "frame". The fact that this term was considered more plausible and fully consistent with the process for creating a home using only one ax. Undoubtedly, the progress does not stand still. Therefore, modern wooden cottages the word "hut" to use not quite correct. It will sound only as a beautiful metaphor.

Most of the projects of modern wooden houses provides accommodation for people in maximum comfort. Therefore, each variant has the complete set of all service. In favor of such dwellings usually make your choice people are focused on family lifestyle who appreciate a healthy house atmosphere, cosiness and modern comfort. If you are a man seeking positive emotion, harmonious relationship with loved ones and exposed to the elements, wooden country house will become your best option. Because only wood is the most attractive in this respect, material. The only one presented to us by the mother nature, lively, able to create a unique and surprising atmosphere of warmth, caring, domesticity and comfort.
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