You will need
  • Telephone and Internet access
For a start, demand the documents on a supported phone from the seller before buying. He must have a document stating that the former owner of the phone sold him the unit or given to the implementation. Although, of course, not everyone will show such document because the real price of the device, for which he was purchased). In addition, this document can be fake.
Next, find out the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifie/international Mobile Equipment identity) number of this phone. Usually it is a set of 15 digits. Some phones display the number is specified in the phone, under the battery.
How to know whether a stolen phone
If the battery you did not find the number, then type in the camera command *#06#. Phone from any manufacturer must reply to it to give your IMEI. Record this number somewhere so that it is not lost to the moment, as you will have at hand the Internet.
Go to the website and enter the number in the window opened. Click on the "Check out". Read the inscription of the result. If there was an inscription: "our database does not contain any IMEI-numbers meeting the search criteria", then your phone is "clean" before the law and in the base of the search is not.