Advice 1: Why after surgery fever

Fever after surgery is a fairly common phenomenon, which, however, does not exclude the concern of the operated patients for this reason. Usually it falls on their own, but sometimes it requires emergency medical assistance – it all depends on the reasons for its occurrence and duration.
Why after surgery fever

Causes of fever after surgery

Any surgical intervention in the body, even in the case of urgent need, puts them in a state of stress. That's why right after that can rise fairly high temperature. This is because the body absorbed decay products, which always appear in the injury of tissues. And also decreases the amount of fluid in the bloodstream.

Fever is normal after any abdominal surgery. Moreover, the more complicated and lengthy it was, the greater temperature to rise. During an intervention, for example, female genital organs, especially those involving the ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes, the temperature may then reach 39оС. Appendicitis can also easily cause such a reaction, especially if he was abscess.
The temperature can rise even after a laparoscopy, which usually takes place quickly and with minimal consequences.

In this case, do not panic, because the high temperatures usually do not lasts a long time and must fall back to normal within 3-5 days after the surgery. In addition, all this time the patient must be under the supervision of the physician to discharge him from the hospital with high body temperature simply forbidden. So any state change will be immediately noted by the doctor who will be able to take the necessary measures.

Another reason for the increase in temperature after surgery complications. In this case, this reaction may be due to inflammatory processes in internal organs, for example, improper operation or infection. Then the fever can last a week, or go up immediately, but after a few days after surgery.
If the body has begun any inflammatory process, doctors take emergency measures until the second surgical intervention for inspection of the wound-healing process inside.

What to do in case of a temperature after the surgery

Any operation involves the patient stay in the hospital after its implementation for at least 3 days. Write it only if the condition becomes consistently satisfactory. If you experience a temperature after surgery, be sure to inform your doctor during the inspection. If necessary, he will take all appropriate action. Independently take any drugs in any case impossible, as it is fraught with serious complications.

If the temperature rose after checkout from the hospital, again, should immediately contact to the doctor. Moreover, even if it is accompanied by cough, and other signs of common colds. Otherwise it may lead to abscess and other complications.

Advice 2: What to do if temperature is held

A fever in an adult can be a symptom of various diseases. Do not just knock her antipyretic drugs, it is necessary to allow the body to fight the infection. At high temperature it is necessary to drink lots of fluid to lower the temperature in the room, if you need to use a wiping or enema.
What to do if temperature is held
A fever is the immune system's response to some inflammation or malfunction in the body. This may be due to viral or bacterial infection, inflammation in tissues or joints, bleeding.High temperature kills many viruses and bacteria, so it should be down in extreme cases. For example, if a person has a heart problem. The application of antipyretic drugs should start in if not helped by natural methods or the temperature rose above 39,5-40 degrees.To bring the temperature down is possible with traditional methods. The first step is to lower the temperature in the room. If you suffer a fever, it is necessary to dress warmer or go under the blanket. At high temperatures, the body loses large amounts of fluid, which can lead to dehydration. To avoid this, you need to drink a lot. Useful herbal teas with honey and lemon, cranberry juice, juice from citrus. The temperature of the drink should be close to body temperature. Then the liquid will be absorbed faster by the stomach walls. Should drink frequently in small portions. Effectively knocks down the temperature of the enema with water at room temperature. You can add the cooled decoction of chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory action.For adults you can use a sponging with water at room temperature, which added to vodka or vinegar. Children such procedures contraindicated as it can cause poisoning of the body by alcohol.If high temperature is not reduced within a few days, and is not accompanied by such symptoms as cough, runny nose, headaches, you should consult a doctor to identify the diagnosis and treatment. In this case, increased temperature can be a sign of inflammatory processes.

Advice 3: The causes of high temperature

The human body temperature can rise for various reasons. Most often fluctuations associated with infectious disease and inflammation in the body. To resolve this problem, it is necessary to make a diagnosis.
high temperature

The main reasons for the increase in temperature

Normal temperature is 36,6 mark OS. But under the influence of various factors is a decrease or increase in this level. And, often people feel quite comfortable, not noticing the signs of the disease. That is the reason of this phenomenon?

Of course, the main reason are colds and viral infections. In this case, the fever is accompanied by chills, appearance of weakness in the limbs, aching joints, runny nose, pain in eyes, cough. In the first days of the disease the temperature rises to the level of 38-39оС. As treatment the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs, anesthetics, inhalation, drinking plenty of fluids, bed rest.

The second reason of the high temperature – diseases of the kidney, which in the lumbar region appear sharp pain. To reduce the temperature needs to be examined, after which the specialist will prescribe a course of treatment to relieve the symptoms.

If the temperature for a long period of time holds above $ 38оС, this may indicate the presence of tumors in the body. As a rule, additional signs of damage are General weakness, sudden hair loss, reduction or total absence of appetite, reduction of body weight, malaise. Upon detection of such symptoms you should immediately contact a doctor-oncologist.
High fever can be a symptom of tumors of the liver, lung, kidney, leukemia.

Disorders in the endocrine system is another cause of the elevated temperature. A person begins to drastically reduce its weight, although the appetite may be improved substantially. There are frequent bouts of irritability, depression, a feeling of fear.
At a young age temperature rise often indicates a physical or nervous stress. Moreover, marked jumps in blood pressure without apparent reason, on the face, chest and neck may appear red spots. The main treatment – receiving sedative drugs and psychological trainings.
To relieve nervous tension use of tincture of Valerian, motherwort, Siberian ginseng.

High temperature is a common symptom that occurs in rheumatoid arthritis. This is because the body develops an inflammatory process, associated with the work of the joints.

Very often the temperature rises banal overheating of the child. Parents even tuck in a warm season the baby in several layers of clothing, resulting in impaired thermoregulation of the body. To normalize the heat transfer necessary to pick the right clothes, given the weather conditions.

How to measure temperature?

A common mistake is the wrong measurement of body temperature. To get the most accurate figure should take into account some features:
- the temperature in the mouth half a degree higher than when measured in the armpit;
- do not measure immediately after eating, hot drinks, or Smoking;
- before measurement, should not engage in physical exercise or take a warm bath;
- it is advisable to measure several times to ensure the health thermometer.

When temperatures are high during the week, immediately contact your doctor. This will allow time to determine the diagnosis and start effective treatment. Self-treatment without establishing the cause will only bring harm to the body.

Advice 4: Why is my hand swollen after cat bite

There are diseases, the existence of which many have never heard. This is bkts – disease of the cat scratches. In medicine, it appears as a benign granuloma or lymphoreticular Mollere. The causative agent of this acute infectious diseases the bacterium Bartonella is on the teeth, the paws, the claws of a cat. You can become infected not only when she scratched your arm or leg, but even if you just stroked.
Cat scratches are far from harmless, they can cause serious problems with the lymphatic system

Features bkts

Bartonellae infected half of all cats, domestic and especially the homeless. The main carrier of these bacteria – fleas. But if your cat does not happen on the street, not to worry – she's fine.

Most cats mozillamozilla in warm, southern regions of the country. The risk of being infected with them in winter and more in kittens than in adult animals. Bkts generally the victims are children and young people up to 20 years.

First bkts were described more than half a century ago and it seems to be understood, but still full clarity with it. It is proved, for example, that bartonellosis can be and dogs. However, scientifically confirmed cases of infection from them. Clear to the end, why by the cat's Bartonella not cause any harm.

But from infected person becomes ill. Moreover, the disease can develop in different ways. One set is for sure: this is largely dependent on the immune system.

If you are strong, you are likely to get off easy malaise. Lymph nodes probably slightly increase, the temperature rises slightly, but the sores on the site of the scratch or bite will heal quickly, and the illness will pass without any treatment. But when the immune system is weakened, the disease runs hard and long.

Symptoms and complications

In addition to the appearance of sores, highly inflamed and increase coming from a place of trauma lymph nodes. Often they fester and cause significant pain, especially in axillary, inguinal areas.

Can long to keep high temperature. The person experiences extreme weakness. Possible headaches, nausea, vomiting. Often the disease is seemingly subsides, then escalates again. Treatment of this lymphadenitis is delayed three to four months.

But the most dangerous – complications, which can result bkts. They are very diverse and unpredictable. This conjunctivitis, optic neuritis and sepsis, and skin tumors, elephantiasis of the extremities, thrombophlebitis, hepatitis.

Rarely, but it happens, patients with smite pneumonia, osteomyelitis, severe pathology of the heart, spleen. And in very critical conditions – even encephalitis, meningitis.

What to do?

Cat's scratch, or the wound must be immediately disinfected. Ideally, the first hydrogen peroxide solution, and then with tincture of iodine or green paint. If the wound is deep, should go to the fracture clinic.

The complexity of the treatment bkts that the Bartonella are virtually no antibiotics. With the exception of one: "Azithromycin" (synonyms "Sumamed", "Z-factor"). And he acts not as efficient as it should be.

Festering lymph nodes it is necessary to open and remove the pus. Without such an operation can not do, because the risk of General infection of the body – sepsis. So no matter how you love cats, it is better to be careful with them!
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