Causes of fever after surgery

Any surgical intervention in the body, even in the case of urgent need, puts them in a state of stress. That's why right after that can rise fairly high temperature. This is because the body absorbed decay products, which always appear in the injury of tissues. And also decreases the amount of fluid in the bloodstream.

Fever is normal after any abdominal surgery. Moreover, the more complicated and lengthy it was, the greater temperature to rise. During an intervention, for example, female genital organs, especially those involving the ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes, the temperature may then reach 39оС. Appendicitis can also easily cause such a reaction, especially if he was abscess.
The temperature can rise even after a laparoscopy, which usually takes place quickly and with minimal consequences.

In this case, do not panic, because the high temperatures usually do not lasts a long time and must fall back to normal within 3-5 days after the surgery. In addition, all this time the patient must be under the supervision of the physician to discharge him from the hospital with high body temperature simply forbidden. So any state change will be immediately noted by the doctor who will be able to take the necessary measures.

Another reason for the increase in temperature after surgery complications. In this case, this reaction may be due to inflammatory processes in internal organs, for example, improper operation or infection. Then the fever can last a week, or go up immediately, but after a few days after surgery.
If the body has begun any inflammatory process, doctors take emergency measures until the second surgical intervention for inspection of the wound-healing process inside.

What to do in case of a temperature after the surgery

Any operation involves the patient stay in the hospital after its implementation for at least 3 days. Write it only if the condition becomes consistently satisfactory. If you experience a temperature after surgery, be sure to inform your doctor during the inspection. If necessary, he will take all appropriate action. Independently take any drugs in any case impossible, as it is fraught with serious complications.

If the temperature rose after checkout from the hospital, again, should immediately contact to the doctor. Moreover, even if it is accompanied by cough, and other signs of common colds. Otherwise it may lead to abscess and other complications.