Turn on the computer and hold the Delete key (F2, F8). After some time, open the BIOS menu of the motherboard. To change the temperature of most devices you can change the settings of the fans. Press Ctrl F1 and Ctrl, click Advanced Setup or Advanced Configurations.
Find the point charge parameters of the cooling system. First, activate the option Always On, next to Fan Mode. This feature prevents the disabling of the fans. Locate the Fan Speed and set the required values in front of each cooler. Note that in your version of the motherboard may be missing this function.
Press F10 and confirm to restart the computer with the preservation of parameters of the coolers. If after this procedure the temperature of certain devices is still higher than normal, try to performance. This usually applies to the CPU. This operation will reduce the speed of your PC, therefore this method is resorted to only in extreme cases.
Install Speed Fan and try to change the settings of the fans. Activate the checkbox "auto adjust". This will allow the utility to automatically increase the rotation speed of the blades need coolers for greater cooling devices.
If none of the above methods were not effective, replace the right fan. Select a device with greater capacity. Remember that the size of the cooler is also important. It is better to choose devices to configure them programmatically. Connect the chosen fan to the desired device, activate the computer and open BIOS menu. Configure the settings of the new cooler.