Advice 1: How often can prick analginum with a Dimedrol

A shot of "Analgin" with "Diphenhydramine" is most often used in adults and children, as an effective febrifuge. Such injections do with infectious diseases, inflammatory processes, pain of various origins.
How often can prick analginum with a Dimedrol

A shot of "Analgin" with "Diphenhydramine" is an effective antipyretic agent

Analgin is antipyretic and analgesic, pyrazolone derivative. "Diphenhydramine" has antihistamine, sedative, anti-inflammatory effect. Injections of "Analgin" with "Diphenhydramine" is most often used during high fever, infectious diseases, inflammatory processes. High temperature usually decreases within fifteen minutes after the injection. Such injections may also be prescribed for pain after surgery, trauma, renal and hepatic colic, myalgia.
A shot of "Analgin" with "Diphenhydramine" can be assigned for neuralgia, headaches, toothache.

The therapeutic effect of the drugs lasts for five to six hours and the active substance are excreted with the urine. Before stabbing Analgin "Dimedrol", you need to calculate the dosage. For adults and children aged 14 years old should take one ampoule of each medication. Drugs are typed in one syringe. Dosage for children are calculated based on body weight and severity of the condition.

How to make an injection "of Analgin with Dimedrol"

Dose "Dipyrone" with "Diphenhydramine" for injection requires caution. Adults should introduce 1-2 ml of 25% strength or 50% strength solution. The maximum permissible dose of 2 g per day. Injections are the children doing at the rate of 0.1-0.2 ml 50% solution or 0.2-0.4 ml of a 25% solution per ten pounds of body weight. Injections of "Analgin" with "Diphenhydramine" put not more often than once in six hours.

You need to observe the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, as intramuscular injection there is a risk of abscess with suppuration of the muscle fibers and the subcutaneous layer. Before opening, ampoules should be warmed to body temperature of the patient, then they need to handle alcoholic solution. First, in a syringe type "Dipyrone" and then "Diphenhydramine". A shot of "Analgin" with "Diphenhydramine" is placed intramuscularly in the upper quadrant of the buttocks. Inject the solution slowly and carefully.
If the temperature after the injection is not reduced, an urgent need to call a doctor.

To avoid dehydration after injection, the patient should drink a pint of water. The injection of "Dipyrone" and "Diphenhydramine" is contraindicated in severe diseases of the kidneys, liver, diabetes, bronchial asthma, diseases of the blood. Don't make them children under years, pregnant and lactating women. If possible, it is recommended for high temperature, call the doctor. To home injections should be resorted to only in extreme cases.

Advice 2: How to chop subcutaneous injection

Subcutaneous injections are made when the immediate effect of the drugs is not required. And at the same time, these injections start to act faster than drinking a pill. The fact that in the subcutaneous fat layer, and where the injection is done, many blood vessels, so the drug injected thus, well absorbed into the blood. Usually subcutaneously are vaccinated and are hormones, such as insulin or growth hormone.
How to chop subcutaneous injection
You will need
  • a syringe with a volume of 1 ml;
  • medicine;
  • - a cotton ball or disc;
  • - alcohol.
Wash your hands and wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
Select the site for injection. For subcutaneous injections are preferred buttocks, thighs, upper arms and stomach area. Take a shot at a distance of not less than three inches from the previous injection. Failure to do so may lead to scar or thickening of the skin.
Lubricate the injection site with a cotton pad abundantly dampened with alcohol. First, treat large area of skin around the site of injection, then the place of injection.
Make the left hand a fold of skin in the shape of a triangle. In the right hand take the syringe. If you are left handed, do the opposite. The syringe should be in dominant hand, so that it's accurate.
Insert the needle at 2/3 of the length at an angle of 45 degrees to the base of the skin fold.
Put the medicine slowly by pushing the plunger of the syringe with your thumb.
Remove the needle from the skin and press the injection site with a cotton disk soaked in alcohol. Removing wool from the skin, with circular movements massage gently places the shot.
Discard the syringe in the trash, after putting on the needle cap.
Watch carefully so that when you dial the medication into the syringe did not get an air bubble. If it still happens, do not inject it under the skin. Leave the air bubble with a small amount of medication in the syringe.

Advice 3: How to crack injections subcutaneously

Of course, better when the shots makes a qualified specialist, such as a nurse. However, in a life often there are situations when it is necessary to make a subcutaneous injection by yourself. For this you need to adhere to certain rules of administration of drugs subcutaneously.
How to crack injections subcutaneously
Prepare tools. The hypodermic needle is suitable for small (up to 2 ml), thin, short needle of the smallest diameter.
Fill the syringe the drug from the ampoule or vial. Some drugs are available immediately in the syringe.
Determine the place where you will inject the drug. For subcutaneous injections the most suitable the outer part of the shoulder to the shoulder blade, outer thigh and the stomach. In these places the minimum danger to get into a blood vessel or hit a nerve.
It is impossible to do a subcutaneous injection in a location where there is swelling or there were seals from previous injections.
Wash your hands (can even handle their alcohol) or wear gloves.
The injection site carefully apply rubbing alcohol. First, the area is more, then the place of injection. It is desirable to use two different cotton ball with alcohol. Another cotton swab with alcohol take in the left hand (it will be useful for the treatment of the skin after injection).
Take a syringe (the second finger holds the needle cannula, the fifth plunger of the syringe, the third and fourth fingers supporting the syringe from below and the thumb above).
Left hand pull the skin to form a crease in the shape of a triangle (apex down).
Release the air from the syringe (if available) before the first drops of the drug.
At the base of the skin fold insert the needle at a sharp angle about two-thirds of its length. Some drugs are injected deeper under the skin, this is usually indicated in the instructions to the drug. Then the needle should enter fully.
Left hand push down the piston (the syringe from right-handed to left shift), and slowly inject the medication.
Carefully remove the needle and hold it over the base.
The injection site is press alcohol-saturated cotton ball.
You can make a small massage place of injection, without removing the wool.
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