Advice 1: After a time there is an injection of analgin with Dimedrol

Every man ever experienced severe pain that cannot be removed with the help of pain pills. At such moments in the course are various injections, the most popular of which is "two" – analginum with Dimedrolum.
After a time there is an injection of analgin with Dimedrol
Calling an ambulance for relieving pain of any etiology, you can rest assured that you will make an injection of analgin with Dimedrol. Do this kind of injection for adults and children, if they have identified various injuries, severe increase in body temperature or there is a suspicion of renal colic.

Why these drugs?

It is believed that analgin and Dimedrol are highly compatible with medicines. Working together, they complement each other, unlike other drugs. This combination of drugs will not cause you side effects and symptoms – you just reduce the body temperature or get rid of severe pain within 10-15 minutes.

Injection of analgin with Dimedrol child

If your kid increased body temperature, which cannot be brought down with paracetamol or other such tools, you can also use an injection of analgin with Dimedrol. In this case, you will need to follow the right dosage, as well as the asepsis and antiseptics. With the introduction of this injection, the dosage is calculated taking into account the child's age, severity of condition, and mass (if the child is under 3 years old).
The quickest and most effective way to get rid of pain or heat to enter the injection of analgin with Dimedrol intramuscularly. Such an injection will work several times faster than pills.

How you can enter analgin and Dimedrol child

Calculation of dosage for injection to a child: analginum – 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight; papaverine, 0.1 ml at 1 year of age of the child; diphenhydramine – 0,41 ml for each year of the child. Based on these data, you can quickly calculate the dosage for a child of any age.

It should be noted that if the fever or pain is not gone after 1-2 injections of analgin with Dimedrol, it is better as soon as possible to go to a doctor for more effective treatment.

The dosage for adolescents and adults

For Teens and adults, the drug dosage is slightly different. For children above 14 years and adults should take analgin, diphenhydramine and papaverine in the ratio of 1:1:1. To gain these drugs need in one syringe.

Diphenhydramine with alcohol

Diphenhydramine in combination with any alcohol in fact has a profound effect. Side symptoms of this combination can become hallucinations, confusion, delirium, hallucinogenic, and other effects. Large doses of diphenhydramine in combination with alcohol can simply kill a person. That is why you should refuse any alcohol while taking diphenhydramine.
Diphenhydramine was removed from the free sale in pharmacies, as in recent years, cases of using this medication in combination with alcohol. To buy diphenhydramine, you will need to have a prescription from a physician.

After some time the injection of analgin with Dimedrol

The effect of such an injection you can feel it within 5-10 minutes after administration intramuscularly. The duration of the injection of analgin with Dimedrol is about 4-6 hours. It should be noted that these figures are approximate, as each body responds to these drugs differently.

Injection of analgin with Dimedrol done every 6 hours. To do it more often injections are not worth it.

Advice 2: How to give injections to little kids

An injection is a painful medical manipulation even for an adult. Children are often much more sensitive to pain. However, if necessary the parent can carry out this procedure independently.
How to give injections to little kids
You will need
  • medicine;
  • a syringe;
  • Vata;
  • - alcohol.
If we are talking about subcutaneous or intramuscular medication can deal with this Amateur. But independent from intravenous injections small children it is better to refrain. People with no experience medical procedures, can easily pierce through a vein, causing pain and harm to the child. For such procedures it is better to visit a doctor or call the home nurse.
Prepare the necessary materials. Besides the medicine, get a syringe. It is better to choose a product with the most thin needle so the injection will be less painful. Also you will need cotton wool or cotton pads, alcohol for disinfection and medical gloves. With the introduction of medication from the vial and stock up on the razor. It will come in handy if you fail to break off the tip from glass packaging. It will be good if you manage to dull any of your relatives to help you.
Wash your hands and put on medical gloves. Then enter the desired amount of medication into the syringe. However, if you pierced with a needle the rubber stopper, it is better to change. After filling the syringe, shake it and squeeze the part of the drug. This is to ensure that the liquid at the introduction did not get air bubbles.
Call the assistant, who must document the child in the desired position. For intramuscular injections is lying on the stomach. Select an injection site and wipe it with cotton wool with alcohol. An injection in the buttock needs to be made in the upper outer lobe. In this place lie the nerves and blood vessels, which is especially dangerous to touch. Carefully insert the needle at a right angle to the buttock. If the child is in the age of reason, try to distract him, for example, viewing the cartoon.
After the introduction of the syringe a little, pull the plunger of the syringe. if the medicine will enter the blood, it means you have hit an artery, and you should change the injection site. If no blood inject the medication. Do it smoothly, the child should not make sudden movements with your assistant. After the introduction of the desired dose, take the needle and clean the wound with alcohol. Can apply to her wool, if fear of bleeding. After the injection reassure the child if he would cry.
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