What is the area of freshness?

In some models of refrigerators built from two zones of freshness, but it greatly affects their price. In most cases, and one office working properly.

Area of freshness means a special compartment, which is available in the fridge. It is quite tightly closed and separated from the rest of the camera. In this zone, maintained at a temperature of about 0°, and the optimum moisture content. Distinguish dry and wet area of freshness.

Dry optimal for fish and meat. The low temperature allows not to deteriorate the products, but does not freeze them in the freezer compartment. The wet area is particularly convenient for storage of fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, salad. Products do not dry up and do not lose their natural moisture.

Why the need for the crisper drawer in the fridge?

Dry zone of freshness is simply indispensable in order to save a few days of fresh meat, without preliminary freezing. Wet zone will keep fruit and vegetables in a mouth-watering view, will not allow them to deteriorate.
In addition, at the temperature null zone bacterial growth will be minimized.

At zero temperature, which is available in the compartment as possible to preserve nutrients and taste of most fruit, vegetables and other food products.

From the above properties humidity areas products it retains the maximum quality and long.

Different names of the crisper

The crisper drawer is available in many refrigerators. Manufacturers call it differently, using a patented name. Here are the most popular ones:

- BioFresh;
- Flex Cool;
- Fresh Box;
- Fresh Zone;
- Zero'n Fresh;
- vitaFresh.

Area of freshness: in what may be the catch?

Carefully study the user manual to favorite the refrigerator. Don't be lazy and meticulously examine it from the inside. This must be done due to the fact that the budget models can have transparent containers, quite similar to Bay area fresh. Sometimes they are called, and in other cases, you may encounter the expression "area of high humidity" or anything like that.

What was different about the real area of freshness? - It should be fixed in a certain place of the camera. In addition, on the rear you can see the devices that support it microclimate. For example, it may be the holes from which cold air is supplied.

If the container is removable, and it can push or move to another location of a cold room, means you are a normal container for storing vegetables.