How is the temperature of the refrigerator

Each refrigerator features a knob-thermostat, which marked the minimum and maximum temperature as well as drawn the minor tick marks are equivalent to 1 degree Celsius, typically from 1 to 7. In some refrigerators divisions less, and they are not equivalent to the number of degrees, therefore the temperature can only be conditional, but that's enough.

When choosing the optimum temperature should be taken into account that refrigerators with drip defrost system the temperature difference at the top and the bottom shelf can be up to 4-5 degrees in the refrigerator is equipped with No Frost system"No Frost" this difference is 1-2 degrees. If the freezer, temperature on the top shelf will be slightly higher than on the bottom. Due to this difference, the refrigerators organized, the differentiated storage products, you should follow the guidelines in accordance with those icons, which are deposited on the storage boxes. Following these rules, you will be able not only to preserve the products fresh, but also save electricity.

The optimum temperature for the different compartments of the refrigerator

According to the majority of the attached instructions, the optimum temperature for the refrigerator compartment is about 2-3oC. Read the instructions, if the division does not correspond to degree, and set recommended for your refrigerator value. In the refrigerating chamber is never below 0 ° C because at this temperature the water contained in the products and in large quantities in vegetables, begins to crystallize, changing their structure and destroying it. To maintain the operating temperature in the refrigerating chamber, try not to keep doors open for a long time.

In the freezer, on the contrary, the temperature should always be below 0C. Note that the multiplication of most pathogenic bacteria is stopped already at a temperature of -4 to -5oC, but almost all of them fall into hibernation only when -15°, so this value needs to be set on the thermostat the freezer. In some freezers used by marking with an asterisk "*". One "*" this sets the temperature below 6оС, each subsequent sprocket lowers it by 6оС.

In the case where you want to store some product for a long time, several months or even a year, the temperature in the chamber can be lowered to -20 or -25C. This value can be set temporarily, if you want to use the method of quick freezing, for example, for delicate berries or leafy greens.