People have long loved the social network "Vkontakte" in a convenient, simple and intuitive interface. It is very convenient to listen to audio and view movies, as the search process does not cause any difficulties. All you need to do is go to the site using your username and password. Once you have logged in, you are served on your page.

The first method of watching movies "Vkontakte"

While on his social network page, view the blue bar located at the top of the screen and find it says "Community". Move the cursor and click on it. Before you will open a search window. Under the search item pane, locate the words "Video". After that you will open the page with the search ribbon. Enter there the name of the movie and press Enter.

While typing the movie title on the page will appear samples of the films suitable to your request. Further, from the appeared window film choose the one that exactly matches the entered request. Click on it. A window will open and the video will start to load. To view you must click on the white/blue triangle (the Play button).

If you want to transfer the video in full screen mode, look on the toolbar of the open window of the black arrow with two ends and touch it. In order to carry out of full screen mode, you should press the Esc key or the words "Close" located at the top of the black window.

The second way of watching movies "Vkontakte"

There is another way of viewing videos on this social network. Log in to your account "Vkontakte". Please note on the list. on the left side, there you will see a "My Page", "My Friends" "My Pictures" "My Videos", hover your mouse on the line "My Videos". Next, you have to act in the same manner as in the first method.

If you want to have your favorite movie was always at hand, you need to open any movie on the bottom of the black window to find the button "add to My Videos or click the small white cross, located on the panel black screen on the right (where there is a button "full screen"). This video will appear on your wall and in your videos, and you will not need every time to view to repeat the search operation.

Which of the two ways is easier for you to decide.