All about the power of the refrigerator

To power the fridge directly related to such characteristics as energy consumption, energy efficiency, overall performance, additional features, and power freeze. Power is called the rated amount of electricity that the unit spends on its operation, while energy efficiency is a rational amount of energy consumed by the running refrigerator.

The freezing capacity of the refrigerator is the ability to freeze a certain number of products per day.

The very power of the cooling unit depends on its external dimensions, and the compressor power, fan power, insulation gasket and use additional functions. Various manufacturers produce refrigerators, the freezing capacity which varies markedly. Class of unit usually written on the rating label – the letters A, B, C, D, E, G, mean degree of its efficiency. Refrigerators with the label A, B or C represent economical class, with the letter D – intermediate value, and E and G are high power consumption of the unit. Today the market is mainly dominated by refrigerators A, b and C-class.

Find out the capacity of the refrigerator

To independently measure the power of a modern refrigerator, you can use a multimeter, measure them a reading circuit of the refrigerator while the compressor is running. The values obtained must be multiplied by the mains voltage (220V), however it should be noted that when the compressor starts, the chain will go current in excess of the nominal value of the voltage two or three times. Therefore, the reading must be multiplied by 3 – if the power measured for the connection of the voltage regulator, the multiplier also need to add the required capacity stabilizer.

The average power of a modern cooling unit, stated in the instructions that traditionally is not more than 250 watts, but after measuring it can reach 500 watts.

To reduce power consumption of the refrigerator, open the appliance door briefly and not too often. Also, the air heated by the rear wall, must circulate freely so that the Assembly rarely switched off and consumes less energy. For this ventilation grill refrigerator need to be kept open. Food before placing in the fridge must be cooled down, and the ice accumulated on the freezer evaporator to remove at least once a month.