The warmest temperature on the door of the refrigerator. Here taken to keep butter, soft cheeses. Usually they have a special branch, it is even closed to these products are not absorbed odors. Butter does not require very low temperature for storage, and spread it on the bread better when it's not frozen. On the door you can also place drinks, sauces and eggs. Perishables folding here should not, for example, milk will quickly turn sour.
Special compartments in the fridge for vegetables and fruits. They are usually located in the lower part, there is an optimal temperature for vegetables. There putting greens, carrots and cabbage, do not remove them from store packaging, so they will better preserve the appearance. Next, try not to have the fruits and vegetables, this contributes to the rapid decay. Place them in different lockers, but if this is not possible, it is better to put the apples, peaches and oranges on the middle shelf.
Finished products must be placed where the temperature is average, so they will fit not the highest and not the bottom shelf. But we need every dish to be placed in a container or cover tightly. Side dishes better to close with cling film, so the surface will not sovetnitsa and odors will spoil the taste. Better not to put a number of already cooked things and raw food, this could be the reason for the transfer of various bacteria.
Meat and fish are usually put on the bottom shelf if suddenly these products will leak, sometimes they don't make a mess all surfaces. Fresh protein products may lie in this office more than 2 days, if the storage time longer than planned, better get them in the freezer. Next meat and fish is not recommended, especially if they are not tightly Packed, try these things to place in different angles.
Place in the refrigerator canned food is not advised. They are not too demanding on the storage temperature, therefore, can be placed in a normal closet. If we put them inside, they will prevent air circulation that will not affect well on the freshness of other things. But the open jars can be kept at a temperature of 4-8ºc only during the day, then eating them is not necessary. To extend to 2 nights, shift the contents into a bowl or food container, close tight lid.
Milk loves the cold, so it will fit the top shelf. There is good will feel cooked meat. But smoked food or cheeses need to place on the middle shelf. There are special packages that allow you to spread the smell, but the product is not stale, the use of such devices makes storage convenient and practical.