Rainbow - meteorological natural phenomenon, visible from a great distance in the form of a multicolored arc or circle (rarely). The color range is diverse and consists of many shades, but decided to allocate seven colors that always go in the following order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, violet. This is due to the refraction (reflection angle) of sunlight passing through water droplets. Their light decomposed to the color of the specified spectrum.
In order to facilitate the memorization of the basic colors of the rainbow spectrum, there are two well-known mnemonic phrase:
Once Jacques-ringer's head broke the lamp;
Every hunter wishes to know where sits the pheasant.
In these combinations of words is used as a hint on the first letter, in the case of the rainbow they mean the names of the colors.
There are other phrases, prepared according to a similar principle:
The mole sheep, a giraffe, Bunny blue stitched sweatshirts;
Every designer wants to know where to download photoshop.
The same techniques are used in many languages, e.g. in English:
RICHARD (red) OF (Orange - orange) YORK (Yellow - yellow) GAVE (green) BATTLE (Blue - blue) IN (Indigo blue) VAIN (Violet - purple).