The necessity of the exam for the right driving of the car occurs not only after completing driving school. Due to tougher measures against drunk drivers, the legislator has established for them the obligation to prove their knowledge of traffic rules after a period of deprivation will end. That is, before to return the rights, you will need to pass the theory exam, the results of which assessed the possibility of permitting driver to drive the truck.

Online registration for the exam in the traffic police

This capability is not yet implemented for all branches of the police, but soon this innovation will be available to every driver. To find out how things are going with electronic recording in the desired inspection Department of the road, you can visit the website of this structure and find the address you need. If the recording on the Internet about this on the page of the Department of traffic police will be told.

Next, you will need to register on the site After filling in all the fields, you will need to obtain an activation code account. It can be mailed to the home address of the applicant or issued in the nearest branch of Rostelecom. With appropriate efficiency can be obtained on the same day.

After activating your account on the services, you will need to go through the tabs: my account – select region, city, area – e-services – Ministry of the interior Ministry – acceptance of qualifying examinations. On the page of the local branch of the traffic police should choose the most convenient day and time to put in front of a row checkbox and enter your information.

The traditional order of record in the traffic police

Pre-entry examinations exist in all branches of traffic police. About how the inspector it is possible to see the window permits. In addition, today most of the buildings, the traffic police installed electronic terminals in which the choice will be offered available dates.

In the day of the exam, it is recommended to arrive early, as wishing to confirm their right to drive always enough. For those who pass the exam on their own, not with a driving school, you can join one of the groups and perform with her the same course of action: letting the theory and then the practical part of the test. The latter consists of exercises on the racetrack and driving through the city. After successful completion of the examination, the inspector issued a form marked "delivered", which is the basis for obtaining a driving license.