You will need
  • - extra classes.
Prepare for the practical part on the circuit. In this case you will know in advance what exercises you have to perform. You can practice them to automaticity through additional training. Ask for help from friends or take more lessons with your instructor. To successfully complete each of their exercises ("snake", "Parking", "hill") there is a clear algorithm. Learn it, paying attention to every detail, and during the exam you will feel confident.
Try to arrive one of the first to pass the second stage of practical examination – driving in the city. First, in the beginning will not weary your inspector of traffic police, and secondly, the long wait will be minimized. Usually, you will be able to easily know where to leave the examinationinformation of the car. Try your best to explore the surrounding neighborhoods: the practice of surrendering the first, you are guaranteed to pass it on them.
Sitting behind the wheel during the exam, quickly and without the hassles make the necessary arrangements. Adjust the rear view mirror, steering wheel position and seat, fasten your seat belt. Ask permission from the inspector to start moving. After his consent, start the car, turn on the left turn signal, look in the left-hand side mirror and touch.
Carefully follow the rules of the road. Read all the signs, pay attention to the markup, calculate in advance how much time will light the green light. Not forbidden even to speak in a low voice, your actions: for example: "Now I go around the bus, but you need to make sure that he does not overlook the pedestrians." Do not worry that you will look ridiculous: on the contrary, the inspector of traffic police will have the opportunity to make sure you are perfectly aware of the situation on the road.
Try to demonstrate fully your skills in driving. While riding develop such speed as to be able to switch at least to third gear. If your route has a serious slope, use the handbrake to start. Follow all the rules, which often neglect experienced drivers, for example, turn on the turn signal, even if your car is rebuilt just the half shell.