Advice 1: How to apply for the examination, the traffic police through public Services

The most convenient way of writing the exam or re-sit in the traffic police - through the national portal of public Services. You can sign up for the exam for obtaining both Russian and international law.
How to apply for the examination, the traffic police through public Services
You will need
  • - access to the portal of public Services;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - a document confirming the registration of candidates for the drivers;
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - application for issuance of driver's licenses;
  • - the document about passing of training;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Log in to the portal Gosuslugi and go to the most popular services. Select the tab "licensing" and navigate to the page of the description of services.
Then click the right blue button "Obtaining services". You will be asked to read the rules of submission of the application electronically. Here you need to tick that you are aware of the proposed order, and click the button "Next".
In the window that appears, choose your region and the type of service (receipt of Russian or international rights). Check category for which you have been trained and are planning to get right. Click "Next".
The next step is to complete and verify your personal information. It is also necessary to specify information about the driving school and a medical facility that issued the certificate. Required fields include: name of school; date and number of certificate of completion of a driving school; the name of the medical facility; the license number of the medical institution; a medical certificate; the date of passing the examination; has category.
Then specify the date and convenient for visiting address and examination divisions of traffic police. To visit update on available appointment times.
After completing all the steps save the electronic ticket on the service receipt and a completed application form. You can also pay a state fee or to print a receipt in the dashboard, in the masonry of “My accounts”.
Useful advice
Users of the portal of public Services there is also the possibility of registration or replacement driver's license, opening a new driving category and getting help on the driver's licence.

Advice 2: How to register through public Services

Many of us don't want to waste time in queues. Design registration (registration by place of residence) can sometimes take a lot of time if you will need to wait your turn, then fill out an application. What if you forgot a document? The best option in this situation may be registration through public Services.
How to register through public Services
You will need
  • • A document which confirms your right of residence in dwelling (for example, the statement of the owner, lease, ownership certificate, court decision etc.);
  • • a passport or other document that certifies the identity of the prescribed person;
  • • the address leaf of departure (if you were discharged from your previous place of residence).
Log into website Services. If you are not registered yet on this website, you must undergo this procedure. It can take quite a long time because will need to wait for a letter from the portal to your home address, which will contain a verification code.
Select "State service", then from the list of proposed services it is necessary to choose the service "registration at the place of residence/stay".
Click "Get service". Fill in the application form provided on the website. If you want to register the child, do not forget to specify details about the legal representative.
Along with the application point in electronic form following documents:
• passport or another document that certifies the identity of the applicant;
• identity document of the legal representative (e.g. parent's passport with the residence permit of the child);
• document-based dwelling.
After you submit the application with the required documents, they will be checked by the FMS staff.
After 3 working days you will receive an invitation on the register. You will need to submit the originals of documents directed and to affix their signatures in the statement, the address leaf of arrival/departure.
Visit the registration should be within 3 days of receipt of the invitation. If you do not meet this deadline, your application will cease to consider.
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