You should start with learning to drive. The easiest way to contact the driving school, but the problem is that they include the choice of offering this service is much less than in other categories, especially the most massive. Typically the instruction in all categories offer driving school ROSTO (formerly DOSAAF).
An alternative may be learning. But learn to drive with a trailer have to do not seen the traffic police who have the right to fine a driver for such serious traffic violations.
Will not be superfluous to refresh your memory of the rules of the road, especially driving with a trailer. Opportunities to practice the knowledge test enough on the Internet, in particular, the examination fees for all categories are presented on the official websites of the regional offices of the traffic police.
Collect a package of necessary documents: passport, medical certificate with the admission to category E or E (or both), a certificate of completion of driving school, receipt of payment of registration fee (forms can be downloaded from the website of the regional Department of the traffic police and pay in any branch of Sberbank).
All documents come in MREO of traffic police at the place of permanent or temporary registration.
On the appointed day come to the exam. Will have to pass both a theoretical and a practical part - in the same order as when you open other categories.