You will need
  • - knowledge of traffic rules;
  • - driving experience;
  • - honed to automaticity driving skills.
The theoretical part of the exam is a computer-based test consisting of 20 questions. Of the three options you need to choose the right one. Questions may refer to possible situations on the road, and any other aspect of the rules. ExamUEMOA give 20 minute answers, is allowed no more than two errors. To prepare for the theoretical test, it is sufficient to average a couple of weeks, but on the condition that she will be given at least two hours daily. To practice performing the tests on specialized sites.
Surrender "platform" usually does not cause much difficulty. This aspect of driving instruction, usually surprised at a lot of attention to any driving school and practicing exam exercises sometimes is a blatant "coaching."Difficulties may be those who have prepared themselves (in many regions the possibility of putting the law as an external student, without training in driving school). The ability to access the learning platform is not all private instructors. Although not without options.
The most difficult phase in which statistics gets the vast majority of those wishing to obtain a driving license. And sometimes permanently.The key to successful delivery may not at first, but at least with the next times only one: practice, practice and more practice. And it is very desirable that it should not be limited to the testing of a exam route (although it is to pay attention to is, and even some elements of cramming will not be superfluous).