You will need
  • - examination fees;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - a few extra driving lessons;
Sign up for a retake. If you pass driving school, sign up directly to her if you surrender yourself, in that Department of traffic police, where you started to pass. Re-designate not earlier than in a week, so you will have time to adequately prepare.
If the first time you failed to pass the theoretical section, repeat tickets again. Best to repeat them on the actual collection of tickets, as tests online do not always contain updated questions.
To be ready to retake the racetrack or city driving, take some extra driving lessons. You can make arrangements with the instructor who has trained, or find a private instructor through the Internet or through a friend. Ask the instructor to work with you those elements that cause you difficulty. How many lessons need to judge for yourself: to overdo it with exercise difficult.
A day before retaking try not to be nervous. Tune in to the good outcome of the exam. Do not go to bed too late, because the exams usually start early in the morning, and the broken condition is not conducive to a successful change. If you are going through so much, I can't sleep, you can drink some soothing herbal. Strong drugs in this situation are not recommended because their use may blunt the attention and slow reaction.
In the morning before retaking don't forget to have Breakfast or to catch some food on the way to the Department of traffic police. Typically, the exam takes one hour, and to go to satisfy your hunger will not work – you could be change at any time.