The main causes of breakage petrol lawn mowers

There are many reasons why a gasoline lawn mower will not start. They include: the discharge of the battery, the deformation of the engine belt, a residue of soot on a candle ignition, a fault in fuel and distribution mechanism, wear of the piston component of the engine.

A detailed examination of each cause

Vacuum battery – the most innocuous reason. To remedy check the battery be recharged for several hours. If benzonase not equipped with batteries, so it runs straight from the alternator that is directly connected to the switch. It is also called KAT. He gives the first spark at the beginning of the rotation of the armature of the generator. Carefully inspect CAT, it is usually located on the inner side facing the spit. All electrical chips must be connected. If they popped up, paste them back into the grooves, and the mower will start.

The deformation of the motor of the belt occurs due to the increased engine speed. In other words, you mow at full power. The belt is a consumable which cannot be repaired, it will have to be purchased at the store. He is on the left or at the rear under the engine cover. In some models it is installed at the front outer side of the engine.
When buying a belt, please note the thickness of the cover and its diameter.

The soot is deposited due to non-compliance with the proportions of mixing gasoline and two-stroke oil. Use gasoline with an octane rating above eighty. To eliminate the soot from the candle can help it burn. To do this, remove the glow plug from the cylinder and hold it up to a flame so that the flame burned the base of the candle. After, clean fine sandpaper and screw it back.
Do not tighten a candle too tight, there is a possibility of deformation of the thread.

Usually, the gasoline mower is equipped with a carburetor type engine. A faulty carburetor is mainly caused due to clogging of the nozzle. In order to clean it you can use two ways:

1. Take ordinary automobile pump, insert the pump valve into the nozzle and blow out.
2. Remove the carb from the engine, completely disassemble it and wash in petrol solution.

To the piston component includes: cylinder, piston, piston pin and piston rings. These parts, like engine belt, can not be reversed. They have to buy in the store.