Features interconnecting rooms

Thus, from conventional corridor is a passage in one of the two rooms. Her internal door leads to the second. In principle, such a system can have more than two rooms. If the entrance to each room is in the previous, such a structure is called a Suite.

Rooms are isolated, if they have a separate exit to the corridor, and connecting passages between them are absent. Very often you can find announcements about the sale of apartments with interconnecting rooms, they are generally viewed as not the most pleasant option for choosing an apartment, so can significantly reduce the price of housing.

Suite you can often find in old houses and in new buildings such layout is not common. Suite, therefore, can only be found on the secondary housing market.

This type of plan can be found in some of the "Khrushchev", "Stalin" and Brezhnev's nine-storey buildings. It is widely believed that housing interconnecting rooms and not enough comfort and intimacy, so they only fit a single. In principle, this statement is far from the truth. After all, in the hallway (the one that separates the anteroom from the corridor) you fail to make a bedroom or even office, because it will often have to walk.

Pros adjoining rooms

The advantages of the apartments with connecting rooms can be attributed to the low cost of making such housing affordable even for buyers with not the of great prosperity. In addition, the apartment has interconnecting rooms have less "utility" area, because often such housing is no corridor, and hence the living space in relation to square footage is more.
This housing option is well suited to families with children, thanks to the cheapness and the opportunity to observe the child, if he is in an adjacent room. However, children grow up, and the layout remains unchanged, which may lead to certain difficulties in the future.

Currently apartments with connecting rooms are often bought with a view to further redevelopment. This, of course, requires the collection of various documents and permits, but in the end you can get a great spacious room that can be used as a dining room and living room. There are many two-bedroom apartments in older homes in which only two of the three rooms are adjoining.