What is a red diploma

Diploma issued by the University for successful teaching. To obtain it, the student must have 75% of all items (counted from the first year) a rating of "excellent". This includes tests and exams. The remaining 25% of all items must be stored either as "excellent" or "good".

The advantage in the job

It used to be that a diploma is an unquestionable indicator of human knowledge. Naturally, these people took on the job as professionals more often than others.

But times change, and today the situation is almost the opposite of what happened earlier. Now rarely the employer is looking for a color graduation, often requires professionals who already have experience. The man that all his time was given to studying, working on "red crust" hardly had the opportunity to gain experience.

In modern society gradually formed a stereotype that "excellent", having a standard way of thinking, is not able to cope with difficult situations at work very much. At that time, as "the Trinity", used to "spin" and find a way out of any situation, have learned to cope with the difficulties.


The fact that in recent time corruption in higher education seem to have reached its peak. And almost everyone understands this. Teachers often demand bribes from their students: the higher the bribe, the higher the rating. So now few people believe the red diploma because he may be not real.

Further education

A diploma may be needed for those who want to go to graduate school. Usually these are students who want to devote his life to science or teaching. Besides three more years of study provide respite from the army and provide cheap housing.

The selection of candidates the selection Committee in cases of dispute, preference for those who have a diploma.

If your diploma is real, earned by honest labor, then all this knowledge will help you in future training.


Diploma today has little to no social value. Meanwhile, the study on "excellent" helps "provided" student life in most universities for "five" is entitled to the scholarship, and for outstanding still and elevated.

Especially for some people, a diploma is a good way to assert themselves at the expense of knowledge and employee development. Most importantly, relax and don't stop learning after graduation. True knowledge is verified in practice and life experience.