Try to be a top student throughout high school. Teachers and the school administration start to notice applicants for the certificate of special sample in advance. For such children, as a rule, they can show leniency in some cases. For example, this may occur if one of the quarters of your top five will be "unsteady".
If you are offered the subject teacher to take part in any Olympics (subject, local history, etc.), be sure to settle. You will be able to further explore the academic discipline, which is used to prepare (apart the questions or write research work). In addition, the teacher will be able to see in you a deep and interesting personality, able to think outside the box, have a penchant for scientific and research work.
Also do not refuse from participation in the student forums, round tables, conferences, KVN. At these events you will meet other smart, talented and motivated children. You will have the motivation to continue to study well and to strive for the gold medal.
Do not let "fours" and especially "triples" for any items for the year. In the future this circumstance will prevent the teacher to bring you the final perfect score in the certificate. A gold medal is awarded only on the condition that you have all "five".
If you have not coped with the task, the teacher, or the evaluation does not suit you, will agree with the teacher about time repeating work. The teacher needs to see your interest in getting high scores.
Attend all additional optional activities organized by the teacher. And even more, on that subject, the study of which you are experiencing difficulties.
If you have the opportunity to enroll in a circle on the subject or course, do it.
Never miss classes without a good reason. Missed material will not be easy to catch up.
Find a common language with the teachers: try to be polite and reserved in communication, in any case do not allow rudeness. The lessons be very careful.
Currently, the scores you received on the final examination in the evaluation are not transferred and do not affect the assessment in the certificate. But the teacher never dares to charge you a higher score, if not sure your success in the exam. If you can not overcome the minimum threshold necessary for various reasons (incompetence in this matter, the inability to concentrate in extreme conditions, etc.), then teachers will be in an embarrassing situation. Therefore, thoroughly prepare for exams, to teachers not having even a fraction of doubt that you will successfully pass the exam.