Advice 1: How to calculate average grade

When applying for a job or for admission to graduate school often plays the role of not only the school which issued your diploma, but also the evaluation obtained by you during training. Can be taken in the calculation of the index, called average score. The higher it is, the higher the knowledge and skills obtained during training, shows your diploma. How to calculate this figure?
How to calculate average grade
You will need
  • - Addendum to the diploma with grades;
  • calculator.
Find insert ratings for your diploma. It is an A4 sheet that is attached to the diploma itself, but not bonded to it. It should be titled as "Application for diploma" and include your name, name and patronymic, name of institution, your specialty, information about the internship as well as on the reverse side, a list of disciplines, which was handed over offsets and examinations with the number of hours and the final evaluation.Consider the average score that is on the DS, not the gradebook. It takes into account the current course grades, and the calculation of the average score should be used only at the final point. For example, if the course lasted two semesters, counting takes the last obtained score.
Count the number of subjects for which you have been exposed not just tests and grades. Lock your final number. Then separately count the number of "excellent, good and satisfactory.
Multiply the number of marks on the number of corresponding points. For example, the number of evaluations "excellent" must be multiplied by five. Add the resulting values, and then divide them by the total number of items, which have been estimated. You get the average score of the diploma. Depending on the requirements of the institution, but usually with an average score over 4.5, you can obtain a recommendation for admission to graduate school.
To obtain the diploma with distinction - the so-called "red diploma" - is usually enough the average score is 4.8. Unlike a high school diploma with a gold medal, the diploma allowed four, but triples it should not be. Also obtaining such a diploma may interfere with the exam - in some universities the resit with a mark of "satisfactory" on the other will increase your GPA, but will not give you the right to honors.

Advice 2 : How to find out your grades

For the examinations, the closing of the semesters or the various tasks, students exhibited appropriate assessment. You can recognize them in several ways.
How to find out your grades
Announcement of grades for the academic semester (quarter) in the school is the responsibility of the teachers. If for some reason you were not present at the announcement of the estimates, you can ask about them individually. Some teachers allow you to learn level looking magazine academic class, but by the rules they are not obliged to show this document to students. In addition to the teachers themselves view the log can parents of students upon request.
Score for passing the Unified state examination teachers usually post on the information Board in the school as soon as the results become known. Also get information about exam results on the official website of the exam. Go to "University and Colleges" on the home page and choose in the appeared menu "to Check the results of the exam."
In the special form, specify the name of the student, the personal check-in code or the document number (passport). Also, specify the region in which you passed the exam. If the work has already been validated, the screen displays the number assigned for the exam out of 100 points possible. Use the transfer system points in assessment, which is available on the same site. You can also take advantage of the educational portal of your region, if available. Here can also be published the results of passing the final exams, but with the advent of the Russian unified portal of the exam these resources are being progressively abolished.
Graduates who passed the state examinations in their specialties, can read directly after the test. Most often they announce the examination Board immediately after the completion of exam all the students and summarizing the results.
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