Diploma – a document, which assess student knowledge at the University. Most often, the diplomas are divided into red and blue. Blue diploma you will get in any case because it is considered a standard and is issued to all graduates, but to produce the red will have to try.
Honors celebrated the achievements only of excellent students. If you decide to obtain this diploma, you will have to work throughout the period of study. In your record book should not be "satisfactory" grades, and "good" should appear relatively rare, so try to get only fives. In the end, 75% of your marks for all the training should be excellent, allowed only 25% of the assessments "good" and you should not be any failed exam. When counting will be considered only the exams, assessment tests have no impact on the diploma.
Another prerequisite for obtaining the red diploma – excellent evaluation, you need to gain the protection of final qualifying work (diploma) and state exam of specialization. That is why you need to be prepared to pass these difficult tests.
To achieve honors, try to train yourself to work in the first year. Do not be lazy to do homework and try to listen to everything you say in class, don't hesitate to ask questions. Your activity in the classroom can also play in your favor, the main thing – to approach to business responsibly. In that case, if you pass the exams with "excellent", the University will pay you a higher allowance, which can be a wonderful increase to the budget.
Red diploma guarantees you an advantage in employment because employers prefer to work with responsible people, capable of self-organization and further development.