The bachelor is an academic degree. The term first appeared in the European educational system. Usually awarded to students after their exposure to programs relevant training course. Around the world it refers to different levels of education.

The conditions for obtaining a degree

In order to obtain a bachelor's degree, each applicant must study at the University for at least four years. In the future, being a bachelor you can apply for a master's degree.

This degree implies that the specialist has the relevant level of qualification training and has:

- basic skills in research activities;
- the ability to adapt to different types of intellectual work;
- wide competence in a particular profession;
- basic knowledge of the specialty.

Bachelors are in demand of skilled personnel and can easily switch to a narrow specialization. This gives the holders of such diplomas are a great advantage over some other experts. My education bachelor may continue his interest in a specialized Institution. However, increasingly, there are degree holders who prefer to gain experience in the company.

Bachelor degree in different countries of the world

The signatories of the Bologna process, Balkaria recognized higher education. In some States, is equivalent to a Junior degree level. But, for example, in France, it received all high school graduates. Japan requires that technicians received a course length of six years. This system is one of the most effective because it trains specialists of high class. In the Russian Federation this degree became widespread in the early 90-ies of the last century.

The standard of the bachelor in the US, Canada and Europe may be different, depending on the direction, from 4 to 6 years. After that, the graduate may take a position commensurate with higher education.

In Russia, the minimum period to obtain the rank – 4 years. Despite the fact that in Russia a bachelor's degree is a part of higher vocational education, it gives the right to occupy the post envisaged for University graduates.

There are several types of bachelors: of arts, Sciences, applied Sciences, Economics. Each of them involves the study of the chosen direction with the further implementation of the acquired skills in their professional activities.