When should you not take aspirin?

Analgin can't handle sharp pain, high intensity, pulsating. In this case, to help others bezbolevaya drugs also require obligatory consultation of the doctor.

Do not take for pain with spasms in the bronchi, asthma, blood diseases, acute renal or liver failure. Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, and gastritis analgin is contraindicated.

If there are problems with blood circulation, including if the patient has heart disease, taking aspirin with great care, preferably after consultation with your doctor.

During pregnancy, at the very beginning and in the last weeks of pregnancy, doctors do not recommend taking this drug. Do not drink analgin birth mom if they are nursing. For babies under three months pain in any form do not offer. Children under the age of five analgin given strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

What a pain to cope medication?

With regard to the proper use of the drug, it by its indications recommended to reduce tooth pain, any condition, muscle pain, rheumatic, bilious pain. If the pain is along the nerve, the cold sores are also doing just fine.

This drug is used in the treatment of colds, coupled with other antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. In a feverish condition caused by SARS or insect bites, cold sores – the primary means of confronting such phenomena. Analgin tablets or capsules perfectly tames the pain of the body for burns or in the postoperative period.

Headache and Advil.

Analgin copes with the headaches of moderate and low intensity. And take it is quite possible, feeling an unpleasant sensations in the head.

You need to remember that when the headache is more than five tablets of aspirin a day to drink not necessary. There is no need to take them for a long time, if the headache doesn't let go. In the case of prolonged headaches or very strong, cramping you should take one or two tablets of analgin and be sure to consult a doctor.

Sometimes severe headaches that have protracted and difficult pain management drugs, indicate possible diseases of the body, which is necessary to identify a doctor and to be engaged in their direct treatment.