Make sure that the call to the police (or the police, depending on the state where you are) is really needed. About the challenge itself is an administrative offence, and if it is accompanied by a false message about the impending or already committed terrorist act is still a criminal offence.
To call the police from a landline phone, being in any city of the Russian Federation, dial 02. In the future, as translation public telephone network to the digital PBX, this number is planned to be changed to 102.
On the territory of Ukraine or the Republic of Belarus from landlines, dial 102.
If a wired phone is connected to PBX, first dial the exit code on a city network, and only then - 01.
For a free call to the police with a cell phone standard, GSM call number 112. Such a call can be made while in the apparatus of the SIM card of any operator, blocked or even with a negative balance, as well as with no card at all. Moreover, it will work even in international roaming. In addition, you can use the following numbers: in the Republic of Belarus - 101 in Canada and the USA - 911, Israel 106, in Australia - 000. Importantly, the phone was on, and the energy in the battery was enough to maintain his health. If the battery's discharged, and nearby there is a working outlet and the charger, put the device on charge, and only then call.
After a call to the number 112 could be a connection not with the police dispatch center, and IVR. The phrase, spoken to them, may sound like this: "To connect with the fire Department and lifeguards, press 1 police - press 2, with emergency - press 3 with gas service - press 4". Press 2 and wait for a response operator.
If the phone SIM card on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus to call the police number 02 (or 102), as with a landline. If the device does not support dialing of two digits, try room 02*, 020, or 002 is one of them must be suitable. In case, if has not approached any of them, dial 112, as described above. On the territory of Ukraine for subscribers of mobile operator Kyivstar may also send the number 102 SMS.
If you use a phone standard, CDMA (e.g., is connected to the operator "Skylink"), first try to call the number 902. If this does not work, try all the above options.
Note that the system of IP-telephony (e.g., Skype) is not intended for calling emergency services. Companies serving them will not guarantee the ability to call these services and are not responsible if a user was not able to reach them, finding themselves in an emergency. So accustomed to keep the cell phone everywhere: at home, on the street and at work. If you were in a situation where another way to tell about what happened there, call via IP-telephony one of your friends and ask them to call emergency services for him.
After the response, notify what happened, where you are, what your name is. Answer the other questions, if any, will be specified. Don't end the conversation until the operator asks you to do it.