When hand shake occurs as a result of strenuous exercise, it is a temporary symptom. Is to restore power, and the tremor passes.
In most cases, tremor of the hands occurs as a result of strong emotional stress. Men, too react violently to trouble, often watching as they are shaking hands. If any trouble or quarrel brought you out of balance so much that you began the hand tremor, this does not mean that you need to run to the doctor. It all depends on how often you see a similar phenomenon. If you notice how at the slightest excitement starts trembling hands, then it may be a functional disorder of the nervous system of hysterical tremor.
As you know, prevention is the best way of dealing with the disease. Therefore, to get rid of shaking hands with excitement, try a soothing breath for 30 seconds. Once you feel the influx of negative emotions, begin to breathe normally, but carefully tracing the passage of air: "I breathe air through the nose, it passes into the trachea, then the bronchi, into the lungs. I then exhale it through the bronchi, trachea, nose...", etc. Usually after 30 seconds, the excitement fades away.
If you have had a shock, you have palpitations, trembling hands, there is an Express-method of restoring calm. You have to press your finger on the point of "emergency" under the nose on the upper lip. Need to press strongly for 3 seconds. Even if you don't calm down, this will be enough to sober the subsequent actions.
All people with the slightest thrill of adrenaline, but if it's a property of the body slightly hypertrophied, and adrenaline is secreted more than normal, you may experience hand tremors. To get rid of shaking hands in this case, you need to "burn" the extra adrenaline. For this fit exercise, exercise. The system of treatment of such conditions also include the rejection of bad habits, the normal mode of the day, avoiding stressful situations.
Given the multiplicity of causes of hand tremors, self diagnosis should not be. In case to get rid of the shaking hands could not for a long time, you should consult a doctor.