Advice 1: How to remove leg cramps

Probably everyone at least once felt the cramping of the legs. Cramps are spontaneous, pain, and in some cases. Most often to relieve the pain sensation and tension in your legsOh, without use of any complicated procedures.
How to remove leg cramps
Make a complex of simple exercises. Up against the wall face, palms abut on the head, legsand put on shoulder width. Then take small steps back without lifting feet from the floor until a slight stretch. Then stop for 30 seconds. Keep the breath smooth and deep. This will allow you to stretch the tense calf muscle.
If convulsions so strong that it hurts to stand, do the following exercise without getting up from the prone position. Pull the fingers of the legs themselves and hold them in this position for a few seconds. Repeat 3-5 times, then roll feetAMI in the air like riding a bike.
Pinch reduced legshave multiple times to improve blood flow to the gastrocnemius muscle. Then stand up and move it to the weight of the body. If the pain is localized on the foot, then squeeze it with your hands, heels and much spread them.
If possible, do a contrast foot bath or take a contrast shower. Note that in the presence of varicose veinsof the legabout varicose veins, the contrast temperature of water should not be sharp. For a foot bath in water, add mint leaves or raspberries, and also a decoction of the roots with rhizomes of Valerian, elderberry. These plants have a pronounced anticonvulsant effect.
Additionally, to improve blood circulation in feete actively apply and massage into muscle VapoRub. Simultaneously massage the footand from the toes to the heel, and then from the calf to the knee. After the massage and warming up muscles, be sure to take a horizontal position, slightly lifting the legsand with the thick blankets.
The propensity for nocturnal spasms RUB footand lemon juice (morning and evening) or mustard oil (at night). The procedure is repeated for 12-14 days. In the absence of gorcicfeetof oil take Bay leaf, pour sunflower oil and put in a dark cool place for 14 days. After straining derived Laurel oil use as well as mustard.
To relieve muscle cramps, you need to sit in bed, legs hang down or pinch a few times a sore spot or gently to get up. Then massage your calves and feet light taps and strokes, from toes to heels and then from the ankle, along the calf muscles to the knees. Advice on how to get rid of leg cramps.
Useful advice
Varicose veins, calcium deficiency, flat feet, pregnancy – and this is not the whole list of what can cause leg cramps. To determine why this is happening specifically in your case, can only experienced doctor. He will prescribe you the appropriate treatment. In this article we will discuss various means of traditional and alternative medicine, which will help us if not completely get rid of the cramps...

Advice 2: How to remove the spasm in the muscles of the legs

Spasms in the muscles of the legs are very painful. Most often, this unpleasant phenomenon occurs at night, and the person may even Wake you up from severe and sharp pain in the legs. Cause spasms can be strong physical exertion, awkward position of the feet, vascular disease, anemia, lack of vitamins, stress, prolonged exposure to cold water. Spazmiruet usually calf muscles, but also muscles of the anterior thigh. To cope with this problem is not very easy, but possible.
Very often the reason for spasm in the legs become too high heels
You will need
  • woolen scarf;
  • - warmer:
  • warming the ointment.
If you experience spasms in the calves of the legs need to relax, to calm down. Try to breathe deeply, evenly. This will help to saturate the tissues with oxygen, which will help relieve spasms.
If the spasms began while sleeping, try to get up. It is necessary to ensure normal blood circulation in the legs. Stand up straight, straighten the back, expand the shoulders.
Firmly grasp the foot with your hands and pull the toes themselves. This exercise may hurt, but in a few minutes you will feel the muscles relaxed. After this massage, applying friction, stroking, tapping.
If the spasm remains, pinch the muscle with the force. Most likely, it will help, and the muscle will cease to turn to stone. RUB the leg again, then strongly clap on it.
Take any VapoRub and spread her legs. You can use sports ointments, they are specially designed to relax the muscles. Then wrap foot in a warm scarf and put it on the pillow so that it was higher than the head. Can be applied to the muscle warmer.
If muscle spasm found you in the water, don't panic. Do not make sudden movements – it will only exacerbate seizures. Take a deep breath, pull your knee toward your chest, grasp the foot and sharply pull it upwards. Try to stretch your muscle. Try to stay on the surface, not to wallow.
If the cramps recur frequently, pay attention to your shoes. It should not be tight, uncomfortable, have too high a heel.
Exercise, including exercises for the legs. Most try to get out of the place if your job is sedentary. Very useful sit-UPS and walking on eggshells.
Drink less coffee, as it can rid the body of calcium. The lack of this element can lead to spasms and cramping in the muscles. Eat right. Do not get involved in a strict diet.
Every evening take a contrast shower. Start with cold water and with it finish. Don't do the ice shower, that you can harm.
If the cramps persist, visit your doctor and tell about their problems. If the problem can be solved with medication or with any medical procedures, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary treatment.
Leg cramps can be a symptom of a serious disease, because it is not necessary to treat them too lightly.
Useful advice
If you go for a walk, take care of athletic shoes. Long walk in boots or shoes model harmful for the feet.

Advice 3: What to do when cramps in the legs

Causes of leg cramps may be different – hypothermia, flat feet, lack of potassium and calcium in the body, incipient varicose veins. To get rid of cramps for a long time, need to find out the cause and eliminate it.
What to do when cramps in the legs

To reduce the muscle spasm that result from a long stay in an uncomfortable position, be sure to take a comfortable position, swipe a light kneading massage, try to relax stiff muscles.

Pinch the sore spot, RUB the leg with ointment or warm mustard oil massage. As prevention, do a massage every day, in addition, it is useful to RUB the soles of the feet with lemon juice in the morning (the course of treatment 2 weeks).

Try to perform a set of exercises. Lying on your back, stretch your arms and legs. Without lifting the heel from the bed, pull your right leg as far as possible, hold the tension for 5 seconds. Repeat with the left foot, then both feet at once. Repeat at least 5 times.

In a public place, do another exercise: raise up on your toes, lifting his heels from the floor, sharply descend. Repeat 10 times. Either stand on your heels and try to balance for 10 seconds, repeat 5-6 times.

The following exercises can be done both while sitting and standing. Crossed feet and lean on the outer edge, hold the position for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Very effective is also simple flexion-extension of toes for several minutes.

Extend your legs in front of him and slowly over 3 minutes rotate the feet. Then raise and lower the toes without lifting your heel from the floor. Try to stick to a fairly quick pace.

To cramps disturb you as little as possible, try to fill the lack of potassium and calcium. To do this, regularly eat cheese, beans, hard cheese, dried apricots, bananas and apples. In addition, once or twice a year, you can take vitamins on the advice of a doctor. Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, drinking less coffee, you should not eat large amounts of sugar.

Seizures may be caused by serious diseases, such as varicose veins, hidden trauma, brain tumor, epilepsy, spasmophilia, eclampsia, inflammatory or infectious diseases. Therefore, if leg cramps recur often enough - be sure to consult a doctor (neurologist, phlebology, endocrinology). Caused by the disease, they will disappear only after treatment of the underlying disease.

Advice 4: What to do when cramps in the toes

Cramp in the toes is a rather unpleasant phenomenon that causes considerable discomfort. Especially in those cases where the convulsions occur frequently. It's always best to consult a doctor to find out the cause and get treatment recommendations. And how can you get rid of cramps at home?
What to do when cramps in the toes

How can I remove the pain with cramps

The phenomenon of cramp may be a symptom of any disease and a consequence of the lack of certain vitamins, minerals in the body. Quickly reduce the discomfort from cramps of the toes is possible, if you stand on a cool surface or attach to your fingers some cold object. At home you can dip your feet in a bowl of cool water. After 1-2 minutes you should lie down, slightly lift the legs. Due to the cold and the outflow of blood from the toes the pain should significantly decrease.

To decrease cramps you can, if vigorously massage the toes, pull them on. Sometimes tweaks or superficial injections with a sharp object such as a needle (of course, sanitized). It is necessary to increase in your diet share products such as cheese, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, honey.
To reduce the cramping you must daily consume 2-3 teaspoons mixture of finely chopped walnuts, liquid honey.

Often cramps in toes caused by wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes. This is especially true for women who love high heels. And if this fashionista is forced to stand for long periods on their feet, the likelihood of seizures will increase many times. Therefore it is necessary to abandon such shoes (even very fine) in favor of a more comfortable, reduce the load on the legs.

Finally, the reason for cramps in your toes can be overweight. Then you need to take all measures to get rid of extra pounds. In any case, it is will benefit health.

What kinds of diseases can cause cramps in the toes

Convulsions, accompanied by numbness and pain in the toes, are symptoms of diseases such as flat feet, arthritis feet, arthritis of the finger joints. In addition, these cramps can be caused by varicose veins of the lower extremities, disturbance of blood supply to the toes, various infectious diseases.
In the most severe cases of cramps in the toes are one of the symptoms of poisoning of the organism.

The correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment can only a doctor. It is therefore necessary to seek medical help and not to self-medicate. Remember that to get rid of cramps can be following the doctor's orders. Hope for traditional medicine.

Advice 5: How to get rid of leg cramps at night

Cramps in the legs represent an involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles, which is accompanied by unbearable pain. Most often, there are cramps in the calf of the leg or foot and have at night. If this problem bothers you often, you need to find out the cause and start the fight against disease.
How to get rid of leg cramps at night

Causes of cramps in legs at night

Causes of seizures can be quite varied and unexpected, therefore, to enumerate them is difficult. Idiopathic seizures are those that occur uncaused or the cause of which is not installed. Secondary seizures are the result of a particular disease. Wanton with the mind muscle contractions do not occur just like that, they may be associated with excessive activity of nerve endings or a heavy load during sports classes. The cause can also be a violation of blood flow to the foot muscles. In elderly age the tendons become shorter, therefore, convulsions arise for this reason.

As for secondary seizures, the causes can be disease, injury, and inflammatory processes. Accompanied by cramps in the feet, diabetes, flat feet, varicose veins or disorders of the thyroid gland. Seizures may occur as a result of stress. Pregnant women experience an unpleasant feeling due to the increase in body mass, the muscles must perform additional work. Muscle contractions in the legs may result from intoxication, poisoning by mercury or lead. Noted that seizures can cause some drugs.

The fight against seizures

If you have experienced only a few spasm in the muscle, nothing to worry about. But if the convulsions were repeated regularly, it is necessary to deal with the reduction, and to seek the cause of the problem. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor, who will appoint examination and appropriate treatment (if required).

If you experience leg cramps, stand up immediately on the cold floor with bare feet. Try not bending his knees to get his hands to the floor to get a good stretch led by spasm of the gastrocnemius muscle. This same exercise can be reproduced in a supine position. Straighten your leg and grab hands stop, pull over. To relieve pain, you can walk on your heels across the room in a few minutes, the spasm goes away quickly.

Cramped muscle, pinch a few times, then vigorously massage the sore spot and make a patting motion. RUB the calf or foot (depending on what kind of muscle cramp) a warming ointment or apply a hot compress. After all the attempted manipulations lay down in bed and wrap his legs with a blanket, give them an exalted position. In extreme cases, you can take pain medication.


Include in your diet foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium: bananas, nectarines, grapes, beans, oranges, pork, potatoes, tomatoes, sea fish, apricots, dates, raisins, broccoli, grapefruit, lamb, corn and tomato juice. Abstain from alcohol and Smoking, reduce the consumption of sugar and coffee. Wear extremely comfortable shoes and avoid physical exertion associated with prolonged walking or standing on her feet. In the evening, take contrast baths or baths with decoctions of herbs, sea salt.
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