Advice 1: How to remove leg cramps

Probably everyone at least once felt the cramping of the legs. Cramps are spontaneous, pain, and in some cases. Most often to relieve the pain sensation and tension in your legsOh, without use of any complicated procedures.
How to remove leg cramps
Make a complex of simple exercises. Up against the wall face, palms abut on the head, legsand put on shoulder width. Then take small steps back without lifting feet from the floor until a slight stretch. Then stop for 30 seconds. Keep the breath smooth and deep. This will allow you to stretch the tense calf muscle.
If convulsions so strong that it hurts to stand, do the following exercise without getting up from the prone position. Pull the fingers of the legs themselves and hold them in this position for a few seconds. Repeat 3-5 times, then roll feetAMI in the air like riding a bike.
Pinch reduced legshave multiple times to improve blood flow to the gastrocnemius muscle. Then stand up and move it to the weight of the body. If the pain is localized on the foot, then squeeze it with your hands, heels and much spread them.
If possible, do a contrast foot bath or take a contrast shower. Note that in the presence of varicose veinsof the legabout varicose veins, the contrast temperature of water should not be sharp. For a foot bath in water, add mint leaves or raspberries, and also a decoction of the roots with rhizomes of Valerian, elderberry. These plants have a pronounced anticonvulsant effect.
Additionally, to improve blood circulation in feete actively apply and massage into muscle VapoRub. Simultaneously massage the footand from the toes to the heel, and then from the calf to the knee. After the massage and warming up muscles, be sure to take a horizontal position, slightly lifting the legsand with the thick blankets.
The propensity for nocturnal spasms RUB footand lemon juice (morning and evening) or mustard oil (at night). The procedure is repeated for 12-14 days. In the absence of gorcicfeetof oil take Bay leaf, pour sunflower oil and put in a dark cool place for 14 days. After straining derived Laurel oil use as well as mustard.
To relieve muscle cramps, you need to sit in bed, legs hang down or pinch a few times a sore spot or gently to get up. Then massage your calves and feet light taps and strokes, from toes to heels and then from the ankle, along the calf muscles to the knees. Advice on how to get rid of leg cramps.
Useful advice
Varicose veins, calcium deficiency, flat feet, pregnancy – and this is not the whole list of what can cause leg cramps. To determine why this is happening specifically in your case, can only experienced doctor. He will prescribe you the appropriate treatment. In this article we will discuss various means of traditional and alternative medicine, which will help us if not completely get rid of the cramps...

Advice 2 : Why leg cramps cramp

Leg cramps are common, which is a common involuntary muscle contraction. It is always sudden in nature and is accompanied by very strong pain.
Why leg cramps cramp

Sudden convulsive tension (tonic convulsions) often last for three minutes or more and occur with monotonous sedentary work, when there is a pinched nerve the muscles in the muscular canal, prolonged walking, or hypothermia while swimming in cold water or in winter. In addition, seizures can begin as a result of excessive stress on the leg muscles, insufficient warm-up or increasing the volume of training. Such phenomena can occur in healthy people.

The reason for the localized tonic seizures can also be a violation of the biochemical and electrolyte composition of blood. They are formed when a significant loss of body salts, which develops when a decrease in blood calcium, potassium or magnesium, as well as the lack of vitamin D.

Cramping calf muscles can result from severe anemia. Most often it occurs in pregnant women, especially when there is a deficiency of iron in hemoglobin. This interferes with the exchange of mineral substances, the external manifestation of what are muscle cramps of the legs.

If a person for a long time, aching and swollen legs, he feels a sense of gravity that cause seizures, over time, constant nature, it can speak about the development of varicose disease. Varicose veins are also common among expectant mothers, when the growing uterus compresses the lower floors and the iliac vein. As a result, increases variceal pressure.

Often the cause of leg cramps can be a source of irritation in the motor area of the brain. This phenomenon is most common when starting the stroke or during the formation thereafter, and also in infectious lesions of the nervous system (influenza, SARS).

Cramps in the extremities are often observed in local hypoxia (lack of oxygen) due to vascular disorders in them, and when there are changes of innervation in spinal osteochondrosis. The nerve roots are compressed, and disturbed function of motor nerves.

Sometimes leg cramps occur in diseases of the nervous system (neurosis, tetanus). In some patients, they develop or are aggravated by external stimuli (if you prick the leg with a needle, alcohol abuse and poisoning). The above diseases require careful monitoring by the attending physician.

Advice 3 : What to do when cramps in the toes

Cramp in the toes is a rather unpleasant phenomenon that causes considerable discomfort. Especially in those cases where the convulsions occur frequently. It's always best to consult a doctor to find out the cause and get treatment recommendations. And how can you get rid of cramps at home?
What to do when cramps in the toes

How can I remove the pain with cramps

The phenomenon of cramp may be a symptom of any disease and a consequence of the lack of certain vitamins, minerals in the body. Quickly reduce the discomfort from cramps of the toes is possible, if you stand on a cool surface or attach to your fingers some cold object. At home you can dip your feet in a bowl of cool water. After 1-2 minutes you should lie down, slightly lift the legs. Due to the cold and the outflow of blood from the toes the pain should significantly decrease.

To decrease cramps you can, if vigorously massage the toes, pull them on. Sometimes tweaks or superficial injections with a sharp object such as a needle (of course, sanitized). It is necessary to increase in your diet share products such as cheese, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, honey.
To reduce the cramping you must daily consume 2-3 teaspoons mixture of finely chopped walnuts, liquid honey.

Often cramps in toes caused by wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes. This is especially true for women who love high heels. And if this fashionista is forced to stand for long periods on their feet, the likelihood of seizures will increase many times. Therefore it is necessary to abandon such shoes (even very fine) in favor of a more comfortable, reduce the load on the legs.

Finally, the reason for cramps in your toes can be overweight. Then you need to take all measures to get rid of extra pounds. In any case, it is will benefit health.

What kinds of diseases can cause cramps in the toes

Convulsions, accompanied by numbness and pain in the toes, are symptoms of diseases such as flat feet, arthritis feet, arthritis of the finger joints. In addition, these cramps can be caused by varicose veins of the lower extremities, disturbance of blood supply to the toes, various infectious diseases.
In the most severe cases of cramps in the toes are one of the symptoms of poisoning of the organism.

The correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment can only a doctor. It is therefore necessary to seek medical help and not to self-medicate. Remember that to get rid of cramps can be following the doctor's orders. Hope for traditional medicine.

Advice 4 : Why reduces muscle

Some people systematically experience discomfort as a result of the emerging tension in the muscles. At the time of muscle reduces muscle spasm, the condition is accompanied by severe pain. Thus, any activity, whether playing tennis, running, walking, and even sleep can be interrupted by the spasm.
Why reduces muscle
Precipitating factor for the occurrence of muscle spasm could be the lack of elasticity of the fibers, which in some cases may resolve by means of special physical exercises on stretching. One of the reasons why that state comes, experts believe fatigue. Special processes of the nervous system (alpha motor neurons) control the involuntary contractions of the muscles and reflexes of man. Them from the cortex and from the dorsal division of his commands come in the form of electrical impulses, if necessary, creating a reflex contraction of the muscles. This reflex is a way of protecting the body from the load.
During the state of fatigue of alpha-motoneurons continue to operate, but the pulse comes only to muscle, not the tendon. From a large number of pulses, the muscle tenses, because he can't pass them on from fatigue. Thus, the vessels are pressed into the swollen muscle fibers and therefore do not leak blood. In this area the spasm occurs anoxia and increased pressure on some nerves, resulting in pain appear.
Profuse sweating of the body can also lead to muscle spasms. This is due to the loss along with then a large number of minerals, resulting in disrupted the usual balance between potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. These trace elements contribute to the timely transmission of impulses from the brain to their destination, and their significant losses disrupt this process, causing and reduces muscle.
Also problems in the circulatory system, spine (osteochondrosis) or nerves very often provoke spasms in the muscles. Violation of metabolism, hormonal changes, monotonous diet, and taking certain medicines can also become one of the causes of muscle spasm.
Shortage of some vitamins (B1, B5 and B6) influencing the process of transmission of nerve impulses in the human body may appear unpleasant symptoms such as spasms and painful tension in the muscles.
If you experience any discomfort in the muscles you need to see a specialist. The reception should be very careful and list in detail all the possible causes of muscle spasm (all diseases, allergic irritants, trauma and surgery, as well as taking drugs).
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