Make a complex of simple exercises. Up against the wall face, palms abut on the head, legsand put on shoulder width. Then take small steps back without lifting feet from the floor until a slight stretch. Then stop for 30 seconds. Keep the breath smooth and deep. This will allow you to stretch the tense calf muscle.
If convulsions so strong that it hurts to stand, do the following exercise without getting up from the prone position. Pull the fingers of the legs themselves and hold them in this position for a few seconds. Repeat 3-5 times, then roll feetAMI in the air like riding a bike.
Pinch reduced legshave multiple times to improve blood flow to the gastrocnemius muscle. Then stand up and move it to the weight of the body. If the pain is localized on the foot, then squeeze it with your hands, heels and much spread them.
If possible, do a contrast foot bath or take a contrast shower. Note that in the presence of varicose veinsof the legabout varicose veins, the contrast temperature of water should not be sharp. For a foot bath in water, add mint leaves or raspberries, and also a decoction of the roots with rhizomes of Valerian, elderberry. These plants have a pronounced anticonvulsant effect.
Additionally, to improve blood circulation in feete actively apply and massage into muscle VapoRub. Simultaneously massage the footand from the toes to the heel, and then from the calf to the knee. After the massage and warming up muscles, be sure to take a horizontal position, slightly lifting the legsand with the thick blankets.
The propensity for nocturnal spasms RUB footand lemon juice (morning and evening) or mustard oil (at night). The procedure is repeated for 12-14 days. In the absence of gorcicfeetof oil take Bay leaf, pour sunflower oil and put in a dark cool place for 14 days. After straining derived Laurel oil use as well as mustard.