Pain in the legs very often, pregnant women suffer. In connection with the growing stress on the body and double the spending of useful salts and minerals in pregnant women appears insufficient amounts of calcium. This leads to cramps and pain in calves of legs. As a rule, the situation is corrected by taking additional vitamins and mineral complexes. Also helps in this case so-called potassium diet when you need to eat more bananas, kiwi and honey.In addition, muscle cramps can occur in cases where a person develops chronic venous insufficiency. This vein is compressed, poorly functioning and give a strong pain in the lower leg. Before you start treatment and to confirm the diagnosis, it is recommended to do an ultrasound of the veins, Doppler or scanning. Phlebologist then prescribe treatment.In some cases, pain in the calf is a signal that there is a strain or disorder of the blood pressure. Such displays are removed proper balanced diet with a high content of greens, fruits and dairy products. Normalize the pressure, relax. And the pain will go away.In addition to treatment can relieve pain appearing more and more funds. For example, massage. Gently stroke in a cramped limb. Then gradually and very light tapping massage the foot. Need to relieve spasm of blood vessels.Alternatively, try to relieve pain with the help of baths with warm water. To do this, type into the tub water level to the knee and put in her legs. Lightly stroking them under the water. Moisture will relax the muscles and relieve spasm. Which in turn will eliminate the pain.It is recommended to use herbal teas. Only drink them very carefully. Choose only those that do not have a diuretic effect, otherwise you risk to wash even more of calcium, thereby increasing their foot problems.