The root cause of shaky hands can be osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic spine in which there is poor circulation of the brain. Blood flow can be restored by daily exercise. Movement should become a mandatory attribute of your life.
Thyroid gland hormones actively influence all the organs. Lack of iodine leads to disturbances in hormonal levels. A growing number of people with diabetes, vegetative-vascular disorders. The consequence of these diseases may be tremor of the hands. Supplementation with iodine can help to change the situation, and as folk remedies you can eat every day 5-6 Apple seeds.
Man, predraspolozhennost to the hand tremor, it is necessary to drink less coffee, forget about strong tea and chocolate. Alcohol and Smoking should be deleted. When you receive alcoholic beverages tremor of hands on time, but then reappears with a vengeance. The intake of alcohol in the body leads to severe dehydration of brain cells, causing some of them die, so drinking alcoholic beverages enhances the hand tremor.
To cure hand tremor helps apitherapy. It is noticed that the tincture of bee subpestilence also thins the blood. Good results are obtained by the application of hirudotherapy. To get the maximum effect from the treatment, the doctor after diagnosis can determine which places to put leeches.
Treatment of tremor contributes to the exercises for the hands. It is useful to do crafts, especially knitting and crochet to develop fine motor skills. Must be committed to a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, to exercise, to learn how to relax using relaxation techniques. Welcome yoga and swimming in the pool.