The most common way to get a guy jealous is to buy flowers for myself allegedly from the partner. Believe me, you'll be discovered anyway, and then you will look pathetic. Can walk up to the fact that the guy will leave you. But this isn't what you wanted.
Another common mistake of flirting with his friends. Believe me, this is very stupid and will only lead to the breakdown of relationships. Moreover, you can pass the available the girl, and who'd like to meet?
What to do to the guy to cause jealousy and not cause a rupture? The first thing you need to understand, and guys are possessive by nature. You need to create the illusion of demand itself. Just show the guy that you are constantly in a hurry, texting with someone, go flushed and blooming, while looking good. Try to be the center of attention, be friendly. In the end, the people you will attract, you will be welcome.
The next thing you need to do to make ex jealous, become even more beautiful than in that moment in time when you were together. He needs to understand that lost is very valuable and that he is not the center of the universe, you can do well and even look better. Join a gym, change your hairstyle, clothing style. You have to Shine with happiness. Breaking up with boyfriend your life has changed for the better. Realizing this, he'll want you back, you will begin to achieve. And then decide whether to forgive him or not. Remember, if you excuse me, don't step on the old rake.