Why her husband is not jealous of his wife

Beautiful ladies mistakenly think that the lack of jealousy between a man and a woman talking about the lack or the extinction of the passionate feelings of love. Some of the most active women, often take a variety of actions and tweaks to Wake up feeling and make the elect be jealous.
Unfortunately, such behavior, they usually lead their normal attitude to a sad outcome – separation.

Love, even love, and jealousy have a relationship only in the beginning of a new relationship, when it comes to winning goal. Jealousy in that case is valid, when a man is afraid to lose his lady love, because at that time still has no reasonable rights "of ownership".

As for when a man loses complete interest in his companion, except when jealousy disappears, and simple concern for your soul mate, then you should think. In this situation, you can start a conversation about the the dying feelings and need to save. Note: do not confuse the lack of jealousy in relationship with the appearance of confidence and calm.

Why men are jealous

On this account the opinion of professional psychologists, who argue that jealousy is a complex psychobiological complex, which has a lot of hidden causes.
Jealousy in some cases is a mental disorder that arose from long ago obtained childhood trauma or some genetic reasons.

Most jealousy is a result of the aggressive nature of males. Any behavior of a woman is seen under magnifying, distorting all glass. Simple trifles seem big problems and misconduct is a betrayal. For jealousy is normally hidden far from love, and the simple fear of being alone. The boy becomes very jealous when he sees that his girlfriend is still courting the former cavalier. In fact, he must understand that relationships that ended long ago, should not cause any harm to their feelings, but unable to stop myself.

In normal relationships, when together people not only love each other, but respect should always be at least at least respect and trust, so the lack of jealousy is not a reason to panic. None of these good relations are not built on jealousy, remember this.