Before you learn how to behave with a man so he reached for the woman, it is important to pay attention to your character. The most difficult in dealing with the opposite sex often have women with high self-esteem. Even if you consider yourself the most charming and attractive, it is not necessary to show their superiority and try to dominate the dialogue. Usually males reject her too strong and stubborn temper, trying to take control of any situation. Start to learn to be kind and accommodating, even if it is difficult.
Try at first to give the initiative to the man that he was attracted to you. Men like to show their perseverance, strength and experience. This is especially noticeable on the first date. Give your boyfriend time to open up and show your ability to take care of a woman. This applies to communication: it would be better if the ratio of the speech in the dialogues will be 50 50 or with the advantage of men. Overly chatty girls as grouchy or "funny bone", have all chances to become the subject of rejection.
No matter how strong your skills psychological pressure, neat and attractive appearance is important in building a lasting relationship with a man. Initially, just pay more attention to skin care, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, the selection of a suitable makeup and choice of clothing style. Once you learn the man better start to adjust to his tastes, for example, often to do his favorite hairstyle, to wear a certain color, etc.
To behave with a man is to be observant and note all of its features in order to use them in their favor. Immediately pay attention to his interests and gradually start to learn, perhaps new Hobbies and classes. Let it be not quite easy, but the chances that the man will quickly become crazy about you, will be high. In addition, the representatives of the stronger sex usually appreciate versatile and love all the new women.
Get rid of the standard set of negative qualities to women. Don't be bitchy or jealous, especially without any reason. Also stop being picky and try to appreciate the man for his positive side, which is likely to be a lot. Cherish your relationship, and then the man will definitely be attracted to you, and you will be able to become his object of adoration.