This technique uses the weaker sex quite often. To blame man is attentive, tender, woman pays more attention and tries to be good in order not to be guilty again. To make a man guilty will help some psychological tricks.

"I can't be without you"

This phrase does not indicates helplessness, as many people think. It represents a special meaning. It is worth repeating as often as possible, parting even for a short time. The repetition will convince man that it is for girls with meaning throughout her life. And then any attempt to get off the pedestal " to cause a feeling of guilt. He will experience an overwhelming desire to be permanently next to the one without it simply can not. Separation instigated by him, he will try to minimize. And if we are not allowed to be external circumstances, the man will feel guilty and this and experience huge relief once again reunited with the woman.

"You're everything to me"

The same series of techniques to slowly and gently the psychological impact of the phrase: "You're everything to me". There is a boomerang effect. If a woman repeats the phrase often enough and she manages to convince the man that but him in her life no one was there, he begins to feel a sense of guilt whenever behaves differently. In his subconscious there is a psychological barrier to any, even innocent relations with other women. In turn, the woman too must try to become men for "everything" – wife, mother, lover, friend. Seeing her efforts, the man will begin to experience a sense of guilt from the fact that it is so little for it makes. This will be an occasion to active actions on his part to strengthen her feelings and establishing beautiful relationships.

"You're the best"

The essence of the method is to make a man believe in their uniqueness and excellence. Especially in sex. He must be sure that he's the only reason a woman is experiencing the greatest pleasure in my life. He will constantly try to be the source of that pleasure. And almost as soon as will lower the bar, immediately feel guilty and will try even more. Here there are male sense of pride. A woman who responds to his dignity, he won't hurt ever. From time to time is to hear a man saying the phrase: "You got the best of me", "You're the best in the world", "You're amazing", "For me you're the best". This will force it to constantly stay "in good shape" and to strive for excellence.